Saturday, August 29, 2009

Christmas in July...or August

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've tried to keep up with your blogs, so sorry if I've missed a lot of posts. I feel like life is on fast forward. Somebody push the stop button!
Here are some things I've been doing this summer. I finally got this quilt ready for the quilters. It took longer than it should have. I love this quilt, but the greens and yellows are the wrong color for my living room. My walls are sage green, and tan. I wish I would have gone for a different colors. It isn't going to go where I had planned to put it, but it will look cute on my quilt ladder that I change out quilts for the seasons. Also looks great in my sewing room which is apple green, but there is no room for a quilt this big. (Bummer!)

My kids have started school. This is my 4th year homeschooling. This year we are attending the Utah Virtual Academy. It is a charter-Internet based school. The curriculum is wonderful, and the schedule is already planned for me, which is great.

I went to my 20th high school reunion last month, and reconnected with a classmate that sews doll clothes. That got me thinking about my little daughter and Christmas. I decided this might be the year to introduce her to the American Girl dolls. Her cousin gave her the "Addy" doll several years ago, but she hasn't really played with it that much, either because she was just too young, or didn't have any clothes for it. I'm planning a trip to L.A so she can pick out her very own doll. I think I'm more excited about it than she is!
I found this great website that has free downloads for all of the original AG doll clothes, and so... a sewing I have been doing! Mind you these clothes are suppose to be for Christmas, but I'm so excited about them, I've given her a few things now. I've got to make some and tuck them away for the real event! I'm really having a blast making these! I can't seem to stop. I downloaded all of the patterns (beware... it's over 350 sheets of paper and a cartridge of ink)!
First I made these cute clothes. Fun, free easy patterns from You Can Make this. com.
Then I moved on to pajamas. These are "Molly's pajamas from the American Girl patterns. I changed the colors, and added ruffles on the bottom.Since both the Pj's went okay, I decided to really challenge my sewing skills and make the "Felicity dress." I have to tell you that sewing this was like stitching a historical sampler. I love the detail!

This is the ruffle around the collar. I think I used every pin I had. It took about 3 1/4 yards of ribbon and 4 hours to pin together.

Next I did the "Addy Tartan Dress". I still have to sew on some bows and buttons, but it turned out pretty cute. My DD just wants her to wear the pink dress. This one didn't excite her near as much.

I finished my Amish quilt, twice. I gave the other identical quilt to my friend Kim to commemorate our trip to PA. Now it's off to the quilters too.
My dear friend Deb sent me these patterns a few months ago, from her stash. I can't wait to do some of the little Amish designs to go with my quilt. I really appreciate her friendship. I feel so blessed to meet such great friends through blogging. Thanks Deb!

Last week, I won Doris' giveaway. She was giving away some UFO's and I thought this Shepherd's Bush sampler would be perfect for my daughter to start stitching on. She is just learning, and loving it! Thank you Doris!

I got my Petite Rouge letters back from the framers. This was Blackbirds contest from a few months ago. This is personalized with my Grandma's name. I love looking at it.

To add to my scary thoughts that summer is almost over...we had a "friend" come to our BBQ last week.Can you believe the size of that sucker?! I could have just died. It was making a web on the door knob. We get tarantula's usually in October, but it is rare to see one this early. Someone said that we will have a hard winter. Something not to look forward to! I can feel Fall in the air, even though we have high temperatures still. I love fall, but I always feel sad when summer starts to fade. Time marches on faster than we want too I'm afraid.

Until next time dear friends. Enjoy your weekend!