Monday, February 1, 2010

Traveling again.

My daughter and niece on a little island in Belize
I guess I'm blogging once a month, at best. Hopefully my blog friends will still be interested in what I'm up to!

We have been vacationing... again. I know we just went to Florida, but my husband has to put in his vacation time a year in advance, so November was our 2nd vacation for 2009 and January our first for 2010.
We went on a NCL cruise with my brother's family and my parents. This is my 3rd cruise. Our first was with Disney, and my only complaint was that it was too short. The last 2 have been with Carnival and NCL. I have to say that even though these cruise lines do a lot of things right, (we did have a great time), I found it very annoying that they managed to charge for every little thing! It ended up costing a great deal more than we had planned. I'm not a huge fan of cruises. I don't think I want to do another one any time soon, unless it's Disney.
I loved the ports that we went to...Roatan, Belize, Costa Maya Mexico, and NCL's private island in the Bahamas. Here are some snaps:A perfect beach day! Belize (same island as above)
My DD getting her hair braided by Johanna in Roatan (a small island off of Honduras)
We went zip lining in the jungle just prior to this. I didn't want my camera as I was dressed for a day of snorkeling...a swim cover up and sandals. The weather was not great for snorkeling, and we ended up doing the zip line instead. I would do that again in a heart beat, it was thrilling!

These are the recently discovered Mayan ruins of Chocchoben about an hour outside Costa Maya Mexico. (Discovered about a year ago. They were amazing! You can see how the earth looks now, and how much they still have to uncover.)
My little family on the biggest temple uncovered. There are currently 3 temples that have been excavated.DH carrying DD after she stepped in a fire ant bed! (She was not a happy camper.)

A conch we found in the water on the beach in Mexico. I didn't know they had such beady little eyes!

My parents, SIL, DH, and niece and nephew in Mexico.

Some of the artwork from the midnight chocolate buffet. Really cool stuff, but it was too late to eat for me (except for a little bite of a chocolate truffle pie)!

My finishes and framing from January. I know I didn't come close to attaining my goals this month, but I didn't get a lot of stitching time in, like I thought I would, so I feel pretty good about what I have to show.

This is my little start from New Year's Day. I like the way it turned out, and it looks great on my little red wall in the loft.

Shepherd's Bush Baby Bug Ball, hanging in my DD's pink room.
Shepherds Bush's Spooky Sheep. I love this huge frame on this little piece. Shepherd's Bush Sail Away, finally finished!

Shepherd's Bush Snow Hill. (I didn't realize had so many SB pieces done the last few months!
A little prize I won from Sharlotte's blog a few month's back. Notice the framer put the hanger on the wrong side (the heart is upside down). I will have to take it back next time I go.

Blackbird's Flea Market Find.

Progress on Shores. I'm enjoying this again, and trying to get it done this year.

This is a new start for Valentine's Day. This is Bent Creek's Wedding Row, but I am stitching in Red and pink Valentine colors. Shepherd's Bush has this done up in their shop, and it's much better done this way.
Finally I finished the "F" house in my alphabet village. Only 9 more to go! I'm hoping to finish by April for my DH's birthday, as I am dedicating to him.

That's it for today. I know it's been a newsy post! Hope all is well with my blog friends. Thanks for your wonderful comments and friendship! I love you all!