Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pedal to the metal!

 Hi to all of my blogging friends.  It's been a productive month for me, so I thought I would share my finishes.  Margaret and I are taking a little break from the Toy Chest, so I have been furiously working on my pesky WIP's.  This is my Valentine mystery quilt that I did with My Girlfriend's Quilt shoppe.  I changed the borders from purple to red.  The banner will be added after the quilting is done. 
This is Little House Needlework's Hillside Travelers.  Stitched on 36 count with recommended colors, except I changed the red house to Gentle Art's, Mulberry, because it was suppose to be pink, and well...I'm a red girl. I also added my initials and date above the red house.  
This was a fun little stitch from Heartstring Samplery called Joy to the World.   It looks much different from the original.  The creative ladies at Shepherd's Bush changed the fabric color, floss colors, and added the "Joy" on the chart.  Give them a call if you like the changes and would like to get this from them.  I added my initials and my husbands initials over one, along with the date. 

I made some quilting design boards from Lori Holt's website.  This is actually the 4th set I've made.  The others were for gifts.  You use these to keep quilt blocks from getting mixed up while you are in the process of  sewing them.  Six blocks can sit by your sewing table and not be disturbed...unless someone knocks them off!  Easy project to do, you just need a lot of glue sticks. 

As much as I've tried not to start something new right now, I just had to cut out this sweet project.  It's from Need'l Love Strawberry Threads.  I saw this done up in California last year, and fell in love.  However, the book was quite pricey and I was spending a wad already, so I passed on it.  Recently a friend of mine was getting rid of some patterns, and lo and behold this book was in her giveaway bag.  I bought it for a few dollars.  I already had the frame, so it was practically free.  Love those kinds of projects, don't you?  It will look much better when it's stitched and the seed beads are on the strawberries.  I like projects like this for traveling. 

Speaking of traveling, we have been.  We went to Florida in March to visit my brother and his family, and went to DisneyWorld one day.  Here I am with my daughter and her favorite character Jessie. 

We also went to Arizona again over Easter break.  I went to the Attic Needlework store again, but didn't get to spend too much time because the whole clan was outside in the car melting.  I bought a few cuts of linen and silks.  OHHHH, I'm dying to start stitching on them!  But I've got my blinders on, and I'm staying  focused on my stitching goals for this year.  I don't like too many unfinished projects.  
My next victim, is Random Thoughts, by The Drawn Thread.  I really enjoy working on this, and it shouldn't take too long.  I've decided that I will leave the center as it is.  I accidentally stitched the verse in the wrong color.  I would prefer it to be in the dark green, but it's not worth unpicking. 
That's all for me today.  Hope everyone is healthy and happy.  Thanks for your wonderful comments.  They make my day.  Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thanks to friends...I have something to show!

Hi to all!  It's so hard for me to get posts done these daysIt' seems I am in a really busy phase in my life.  I can't complain...we all have our health, and life is's just way too busy to do the things I want to do.  Can anyone relate?   I have some wonderful things to share with you.  First you remember my Quaker sampler as one of my goals to finish this year?

Well, I was surprised by dear Edgar, who offered to stitch the final corner for me.  I am thrilled with the  motifs he chose, they fit the sampler perfectly.  This was stitched on Zweigart's Vintage Country Mocha linen, 32 counted with Vicky Clayton's Silk in Kodiak Fry, and Gentle Art's Brethren Blue.  Love it!  It is such a beautiful sampler, and I am grateful to all that stitched on it.  I am taking it to the framers next week!
I also have my progress to share on the Toy Chest Etui.  Thanks to Margaret, I have stayed motivated to stitch this.  I know I would have banished this to the bottom of the sewing drawer, a long time ago, if Margaret wasn't working on it with me.  All of the over one stitching is difficult, and for some reason, I have messed up on colors and counting a lot! 

Despite all the's nice to see all of the toys almost stitched.  It's a darling piece.  Having someone relate to your stresses, makes them a little easier somehow.  Thanks for hanging with me friend!

I managed to get this table runner sewn together, Finally!  I can't wait to put it out in June.  This is from the magazine American Patchwork and Quilting, and it's by Blackbird Designs.

I also finished up Bunny Hill's Vintage Christmas.   I changed some of the colors in the border to make it be more "red" than "pink".    Well...that's all I have time for today.  Thanks for all of your wonderful comments.  I appreciate your friendships, and sweet words of encouragement.  Until next time...Happy Sewing!