Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year...New Goals

Hi to all my wonderful blog friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We did, and the memories are still lingering. I haven't wanted to take my Christmas decorations down yet! (A first for me.) I may just leave them up a few more weeks, before I switch to Valentine's.
I'm sorry I've been so silent on my blog. December was busy, and every time I thought about snapping a few pictures, the camera eluded me. (I did find it in the laundry room, after a good day of cleaning up!
Here are some of the things I got for Christmas!A new couch! (The other one was a love seat that we bought when we got married 16 years ago.) After it developed a big hole, we decided it was time for a new one!

A New plasma TV. Hubby bought it on "Black Friday" sale. Our other TV was older than a dinosaur. After trying to give it away, I looked on eBay to see if it was worth anything, and to my surprise we found one exactly like it, listed for 1200.00! Who knew it was so rare! I guess we will be listing ours, and hopefully we can pay for this one by selling it!

My wonderful Mom gave me this...

Cinnamon and Cocoa by Bunny Hill Designs
I absolutely love it! Doesn't it look great with my couch? I want to make the matching quilt called "Rabbits prefer embroidery". (Even bought some red and white fabric at a fabric sale last week to get going on it!)

On New Year's Eve I pulled out this....
Grandma's Porch by Carol Hopkin's Designs One of her Civil War Legacies Patterns.
(An exchange we did in my quilt guild last year)
Kim posted on her blog that she likes to work on a quilt for New Years. I thought it was a great idea, and I worked on this until about 10:30, when my internal clock told me it was time for bed!
I can't decide on borders, so it is just sitting on my sewing room floor at the moment.

I've been working on this during the holidays....
This is my oldest UFO project, started the year I was married in 1993. I debated several years ago, if it was worth finishing. My husband loves it, so I'm going to finish it for him. As you can see I've already stitched the year, so ... the pressure is on.

I did a bit of kitting...
Now this is what my kitted cross stitch projects looks like! It's a little overwhelming to see how many things I have to do...but I love that I can just pull something new out, whenever my stitcher ADD kicks in. I have a basket of new patterns that I have yet to kit. When I met Barb Adams from Blackbird, she related that many stitcher's, she has met, have a kitting fetish. That is so true of me! It gives one a sense of satisfaction to see all of these projects.

And finally my Christmas miracle...
I finally finished Sail Away! It was so hard to do that over-one stitching on the hill! It seemed that I would stitch on it for hours and never see any progress. I wish that I would have just done half crosses on the hill, as I ran out of floss towards the bottom, and could only do half crosses on that section. It is very hard to see, unless you hold it up to the light. I went through every finished Shepherd's bush project I had, and used every bit of that green silk that I could find. (Good thing they like that color to design with.)
Anyhow, it is great to be done with it! What a fun project to work on with friends.
Happy New Year to all my friends. Thanks for stopping by, and for your wonderful comments. They make my day!