Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thanks to a wonderful friend!

I was so thrilled to receive this award from a wonderful blogger, Jolene. She is just about the sweetest person on the blogging web, and I am thrilled she wanted to know more about me. Thanks Jolene! I have never been nominated for an award like this. I'm flattered!

1. I am the only girl in my family. I am right in the middle of 5 brothers. Two older and 3 younger. My dad was worried I would be spoiled, so I think he went out of his way to make sure I didn't receive any special treatment. For example, if my car (which I bought and paid for with my own money) needed any mechanical work at all, my dad would not help me with my woes, unless I was sitting by his side helping him work on it. I'm grateful that he made me learn how to be a mechanic, as I have had to use that knowledge a lot in my life!

2. I contemplated changing my major about 5 times in college. First it was business. I wanted to be a buyer for a department store. I didn't know you had to have so much math for this major...I hate math.
Next, public have to write for the school paper...weekly...nope, not my favorite thing to do.
Third was French...I'm not really sure why I thought about this major! Fourth...microbiology...lab work was not really my thing.
Finally...Marriage and family therapy...I decided to get married, so I didn't finish this one either. I should mention that I really never officially changed my major in college. These are just the things I was interested in. I went to school for 4 years, so if I would have stuck with one thing, and started and finished with my FHD ambitions, I would have finished. Such is life.

3. I hospitalized on my 8th birthday for pneumonia. I had to stay in one of those oxygen tents for about 7 days. It was scary, and lonely, and I wanted to play with my toys that I had gotten for my birthday. I still have vivid memories of a Charlie Brown character book that a friend gave me in the hospital. I loved that book!

4. One summer, I broke my arm, when my brother and I went down to the local go-cart race track and pooled our money together so we could ride twice as long on the track. We took turns "driving" and "pushing the gas pedal". My crazy brother drove us into a bail of hay, and as it was my turn to push the gas, I didn't stop us! This same brother broke his arm a week later when he was showing off on his skateboard, and the garden hose happened to get in the way!
We have another brother that broke his arm a few weeks after that on the neighbor's trampoline. My poor mother!

5. I've been stitching and sewing since I was about eight. It has always been something I have enjoyed doing. I started with those little Bucilla crewel kits. I also sewed with 4-H and I entered several articles of clothing into the fair.

6. I have had my own pattern business. I published under the name of "The Hidden Heart." I designed mostly punch needle patterns, but I also had some embroidery, wool, and cross stitch patterns. I taught classes all over the state of Utah. What fond memories! My favorite retreat was at the Washington School Inn in Park City. I taught 3 years with Cynthia Zittel of "The Drawn Thread." What a thrill!

7. On the day that the SAT test was given, I was really sick. I didn't want to miss the test, as there wasn't another one scheduled for several months, and I was interested in trying to get into college early, during my senior year. I went and took the test, and I don't remember much about that day, other than I was sicker than I ever remember being!
My mom picked me up from the test and took me straight to the hospital instead of going home. After a few blood tests, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis. Needless to say, I spent the next month in bed. I felt awful!
After applying for college, it was not surprising that my SAT scores were too low to get into college early. I wrote a letter of appeal, and told them why my scores were so low, and that I had taken the test while having mono. I guess the person reviewing my case figured that if I had enough dedication to go to a test while having mono, I would be dedicated in my classes, so I was accepted. I was only the 7th person at the time in my high school to go to college early. I guess I really should have finished getting my degree, huh!

I am suppose to nominate 7 other blogger's. I am having a hard time with this part. I love all of the blogs I follow! I feel like I'm breaking one of those "chain" letters, but I'm going to say that if you are on my blog roll, and you would like to tell me a little about yourself, then this award is for you! Please feel free to share 7 things that are unknown about you!

I get to show you what I have been doing this week!
Matching bags for my DD and I for Easter!
I went to a quilting retreat on Thursday through Saturday. I got a few projects done! (Can you hear the hallelujah chorus?) It was so fun! love being able to just sit and work on projects and not be interrupted by kids, phones, and fixing dinner!

Button Up Buttercup by FriendsFolk Quilts
I got this put together on Friday. It's been in my closet for a few years. This is for DD's bed. After it is quilted it will be washed, and the flowers with "rag up" giving it some dimension. It was funny that one of my friends had the same quilt, and she was doing it in black and white prints with bright yellow flowers. It was amazing at how different they were. A great versitle pattern.
Prairie Sweets by Fig Tree Quilts
I bought this yesterday on my way home from the retreat. Isn't this a lovely quilt? I think it's the perfect quilt to use up scraps. I love this little pamphlet. There is a wonderful article in here about having a variety of projects. It's important to have projects that are challenging and some that are just plain easy and fun to finish. She says it helps us be more creative if we mix it up a little. It was just what I need to read. I think I can get overwhelmed at times, and this put things in perspective for me.

Hope all is well in blog land! I really appreciate the comments and support. How I love all my peeps and blog friends! Take Care, and have a wonderful week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life is Pixie Perfect!

Spring has sprung at my house...Not outside, but in!
Bare Roots "Love Notes" embroidery made my my Mom a few years ago
Pine Needles "Punch and Cookies of the Month for April

Hi everyone! I'm sick of always starting with an apology for why my life is so insane and out of control, so...I'm just going to say, that I'm busy! But, my house is semi-clean, my kids are sort of caught up on their schoolwork, we are all healthy, and I got to go to Disneyland this month with some friends! SO... LIFE IS PERFECT!!!! (And I got some wonderful stash this month so how can I say anything but, Life is perfect!)
One of my favorite places in the world...Disneyland!
Some friends and I, ran away to Disneyland for a very impromptu trip over Valentine's Day weekend. We had a wonderful time! We have the best husbands in the world, as they were supportive and willing to let us go! I think we walked about 40 miles in 3 days, and it was anything but relaxing, but it's Disneyland! The happiest place on earth (besides the quilt and stitching stores!)

My Version of Quaker Town Quilts "Mama Said"
I finally got this quilt back from the quilters. It had been there for over a year. Somehow I made the back a titch too short, so she had to add some fabric. I felt like such a dork! I should have picked it up and fixed it, but my quilter insisted that she would fix it for me, so I just left it. I almost forgot about it, when I get a phone call saying that it was finished. It looks great on my couch. This is a quilt I started about 6 years ago, so it's nice to have a UFO done!
Kate Spain's new line of fabric called"Verna". I am in total heaven over this fabric!
Last month for our quilt guild, we had this designer from "Crazy Old Ladies" quilts come and do a trunk show. She offered us a great deal on her patterns...3 for $20.00. Of course, I have no self control and I had to buy three! Here is what I got. I promptly went to the fabric store and bought fabric for 2 of them. This is Lila Tueller's new line called "Eden" I have no clue where these quilts are going, as they are a little bright for my house, but I think they will make cute t.v quilts or gifts.I acquired the pattern "Rabbits Prefer Embroidery" by Bunny Hill. I started the redwork on it to match this. Later I saw this made up at a store, and with shock said, "Did you guys reduce your pattern?" "No, they said, this is full size. Well, my quilt for my couch is a mere 36"X39" finished. Not exactly the size I was hoping for. Since I had already traced my pieces, I'm finishing as planned. I guess I've learned the hard way that you better look at the instructions before you buy. Pictures can be deceiving!
This is "Postage Due" the 3rd pattern that I bought from Crazy Old Ladies. Also, Joined at the hip "Button Basket" that I bought last week during another moment of weakness. My friend and I, went to a quilt store before our stitch group met. Now I'm thinking, "I hate sewing on buttons! Why would I buy a pattern with all buttons on it?" I love the look, but I may have to use my machine for this one.

I've been stash buying at Shepherd's Bush this month. If anyone sets up a 12 set program for out of control buyers...let me know.
  1. Plum Streets Paradise Lost
  2. Plum Streets Ghoul
  3. Birds of a Feather Happy Hearts Sampler
  4. Ah, Tis Spring by Notforgotten Farm
  5. Ewe and I and Friends Heart in the Garden
This is all I've accomplished on my Village Alphabets. I think my goal of getting this done by next month is impossible, as I still have 8 houses to go. I'm shooting for 17th wedding anniversary in July now!

I'm almost finished with "Wedding Row" by Bent Creek. I don't really have a desire to work on Valentines anymore, but I don't want to put it back in the closet until next year either, so I hope to finish it and get it framed so I can put it out next year.

Take care all my friends. Thanks for all of your posts and comments. I love looking at your blogs, and I am most appreciative of your friendship....Until Next time, (Which hopefully will be soon so you can see what I ordered from Spring Market!)
Take Care!