Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life is Pixie Perfect!

Spring has sprung at my house...Not outside, but in!
Bare Roots "Love Notes" embroidery made my my Mom a few years ago
Pine Needles "Punch and Cookies of the Month for April

Hi everyone! I'm sick of always starting with an apology for why my life is so insane and out of control, so...I'm just going to say, that I'm busy! But, my house is semi-clean, my kids are sort of caught up on their schoolwork, we are all healthy, and I got to go to Disneyland this month with some friends! SO... LIFE IS PERFECT!!!! (And I got some wonderful stash this month so how can I say anything but, Life is perfect!)
One of my favorite places in the world...Disneyland!
Some friends and I, ran away to Disneyland for a very impromptu trip over Valentine's Day weekend. We had a wonderful time! We have the best husbands in the world, as they were supportive and willing to let us go! I think we walked about 40 miles in 3 days, and it was anything but relaxing, but it's Disneyland! The happiest place on earth (besides the quilt and stitching stores!)

My Version of Quaker Town Quilts "Mama Said"
I finally got this quilt back from the quilters. It had been there for over a year. Somehow I made the back a titch too short, so she had to add some fabric. I felt like such a dork! I should have picked it up and fixed it, but my quilter insisted that she would fix it for me, so I just left it. I almost forgot about it, when I get a phone call saying that it was finished. It looks great on my couch. This is a quilt I started about 6 years ago, so it's nice to have a UFO done!
Kate Spain's new line of fabric called"Verna". I am in total heaven over this fabric!
Last month for our quilt guild, we had this designer from "Crazy Old Ladies" quilts come and do a trunk show. She offered us a great deal on her patterns...3 for $20.00. Of course, I have no self control and I had to buy three! Here is what I got. I promptly went to the fabric store and bought fabric for 2 of them. This is Lila Tueller's new line called "Eden" I have no clue where these quilts are going, as they are a little bright for my house, but I think they will make cute t.v quilts or gifts.I acquired the pattern "Rabbits Prefer Embroidery" by Bunny Hill. I started the redwork on it to match this. Later I saw this made up at a store, and with shock said, "Did you guys reduce your pattern?" "No, they said, this is full size. Well, my quilt for my couch is a mere 36"X39" finished. Not exactly the size I was hoping for. Since I had already traced my pieces, I'm finishing as planned. I guess I've learned the hard way that you better look at the instructions before you buy. Pictures can be deceiving!
This is "Postage Due" the 3rd pattern that I bought from Crazy Old Ladies. Also, Joined at the hip "Button Basket" that I bought last week during another moment of weakness. My friend and I, went to a quilt store before our stitch group met. Now I'm thinking, "I hate sewing on buttons! Why would I buy a pattern with all buttons on it?" I love the look, but I may have to use my machine for this one.

I've been stash buying at Shepherd's Bush this month. If anyone sets up a 12 set program for out of control buyers...let me know.
  1. Plum Streets Paradise Lost
  2. Plum Streets Ghoul
  3. Birds of a Feather Happy Hearts Sampler
  4. Ah, Tis Spring by Notforgotten Farm
  5. Ewe and I and Friends Heart in the Garden
This is all I've accomplished on my Village Alphabets. I think my goal of getting this done by next month is impossible, as I still have 8 houses to go. I'm shooting for 17th wedding anniversary in July now!

I'm almost finished with "Wedding Row" by Bent Creek. I don't really have a desire to work on Valentines anymore, but I don't want to put it back in the closet until next year either, so I hope to finish it and get it framed so I can put it out next year.

Take care all my friends. Thanks for all of your posts and comments. I love looking at your blogs, and I am most appreciative of your friendship....Until Next time, (Which hopefully will be soon so you can see what I ordered from Spring Market!)
Take Care!


Jennifer said...

Glad you had a great trip to Disney Lorraine. How fun is that !! love your quilt and new stash that you bought at SBush . hope all is well with your family and you enjoy the spring!

Cari-in-VA said...

How fun to be so close to Disney to go for the weekend and have girltime - my favorite!

What wonderful new stash, Lorraine! I can't wait to see all your wonderful stitching projects!

Heather said...

My coworker and I were just talking Disneyland and I was getting all misty eyed because I can’t go this year, and then I pull up your post haha! I am glad you had fun, and how awesome to go with your girlfriends.

Love all of your projects. Your new quilts will be gorgeous!

I went crazy this month buying fabric too, you aren't the only one :)

Margaret said...

Oh what fun that you got to go to Disneyland with your friends! I love Disneyland! Love your quilt that's no longer a UFO -- beautiful! And your stash! I'm in love with the Kate Spain Verna collection too! And all the rest -- nice!

Cari said...

Oh Miss Loraine...I am lovin' your quilting stash! Your quilt is beautiful too. Quilting is so much fun. I should just do a small one....doesn't have to cover the bed...right? And your stitching stash..girlfriend we have the same taste!! Love them. Have a great March. Hugs and Happy Needlework...

woolwoman said...

Wow - I would say life is perfect Loraine! Love all your quilty and stitching stash purchases - and the trip to Disneyland - what an awesome thing to do. I really want to go back to Disneyworld some time - haven't been since 91 - coming up on 20 years - WOW - I think it's time. maybe I'll do that for my birthday this year. Please come back to blog land soon and tell us what you're up to. thanks for your kind comments on my recent post - I always enjoy hearing from you - Hugs mel

Melissa said...

Hi Loraine,

Nice to see your post and catch up. What a wonderful thing to get a Disney trip getaway!

I see lots of lovely quilting done and more quilty stash. Good thing you had some xstitch stash too or else I would be afraid you were switching camps! ;-)

Rachel said...

Your quilt looks beautiful! How wonderful to have it finally finished after all of these years.

JOLENE said...

Looks like you had a great trip to Disneyland. I have never been there or even California for that matter. Someday!!! Great new stash, pretty fabby, and what a fabulous quilt! Amazing!

Анна - Зонт said...

Your blog is very interesting! :)
Your works are wonderful!!!

Dot said...

What more can I say than what your blogging friends have already said. They know good things when they see them. I really like the "Mama said" quilt. It turned out beautiful. The Bunny Hill Red Work will be wonderful, even though small. I like small things, they don't take as long to finish. Good luck finishing all those projects:) Love, Mom

Deb said...

Oh my goodness have you been busy!!! I don't even know where to begin!!! Disneyland is a great place. My DD has been begging us to go because the last time were were there she was two and doesn't remember a darned thing about it. Glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time.

And I love your Momma Said quilt. I've got that one in my stash and I don't think that I've ever seen one of these done. I just love stitcheries even though I haven't done one in a few years. I'm just drooling over the picture!

And all your other stash - OMG you got some great things! Should keep you busy for a long time. And I love seeing your progress on those alphabets. They're so pretty!

I went crazy with the stash purchases recently too - it must be something in the air - Spring, perhaps?

Mylene said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time with your friends at Disney!
And wow! Great stash...looking forward to see progress soon.

Siobhan said...

Wow, what great stash, Loraine! Your quilt projects are wonderful, as is your stitching. I love the redwork quilts! Disney looks like it was a blast--I'm glad you got away for a bit. :)