Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shop Hoppin' and more stash buying

Boy, it's been a long time since I've posted anything. Here's an update of what I've been up to.
Little House Needleworks All Dolled Up series
Liberty and Justice
DMC colors
I finished a little patriotic sampler.  This was a fun stitch, and I did it in a few nights.  I haven't been stitching too much lately.  The sewing machine has been getting more attention, because of this...
My DD got a new sewing machine.  This is cute Hello Kitty machine, that actually sews great.  It has 9 stitches and a button hole.  The perfect machine for DD to learn to sew on.  It is a real Janome machine, not a toy, so I do have to watch her, but so far she has been really careful, and we haven't sewn our fingers yet...knock on wood!
She made a few pot holders.  My son wanted to learn too, so he made the one in the middle.  I think they did a good job, and it was good practice. She also made a couple dresses for her AG dolls.  They were both the same, and she needed a little help with the trim, but for the most part, she sewed the whole dress.  There was a slight mishap with the scissors when cutting out the skirt, somehow we ended up with a huge hole.  I told her that now we know what not to do with the scissors!
I've been working on Garden Fence by Fig Tree.  I really love this quilt.  I am having problems finding the right color of fabric to go in between the blocks.  I have a lot of orange going on here, and I'm not sure that I want that much orange.  Opinions anyone?
I finished my trench coat and bag.  (Sorry for the terrible picture.  No body was home to help me with this.) 
The weather has been so awful here, I actually got to wear this last weekend for our towns annual Heritage Festival.  It only got up to 55 degrees, and it rained all day.  I've had lots of compliments on it, and I'm glad it turned out.  Both patterns are from Serendipity Studios.  The jacket was really easy, and I got my decorator fabric for a dollar a yard...Kaching!
At the Heritage Festival I helped some friends with the trunk show.  They have a different designer come and do a trunk show every year.  Big names like Blackbird, Quaker Town Quilts, and this year...Barbara from Quilt Soup.  Her trunk show was fantastic!  I love her patterns, they are fun and happy.  Quilts that make you smile.  I bought this pattern, which is not like her work now at all.  This is one of her first patterns she designed.  The center on the star block gets cut out, and you can make a bonus quilt with the extra piece.  I love this idea!  After the show, I got to go to lunch with Barbara.  She is so fun to talk to.  I love getting to meet creative people!  Wish I would have had my camera!
Some of my stash haul from Shop Hop  Can you tell what fabric DD picked out, and what I picked out?
This week, I've been to our annual Shop Hop, in Utah.  It really is a fun event.  I suppose to meet up with Jolene on Wednesday.  Tuesday night the weather report was showing 70 mile an hour winds and DH was not very excited about my going.  He could see visions of trucks tipping over on the freeway (which did happen, but no one was hurt).  It turns out that Jolene could not get Thursday off, so she went without me!  I was plenty mad at the hubby let me tell you!  I decided to go on Thursday, and I took my little daughter.  It was fun to have a day with her, but not the same as if I had been with Jolene.   I didn't take my camera so go over to Jolene's blog to see some photos of the different stores.
 My best deal were these Joined at the Hip kits.  $5.00 for each kit, including the pattern!  I wish they would have had Fall and Winter too. 
Saturday, Jolene came to my town and we went to the last store, Village Dry Goods.  I found a few more things I needed.  I have had this quilt book for a while, and I wanted some Civil War prints to make some of these small quilts out of.  They have a great selection.  The berry fabric was on sale for $4.99 a yard, and I just thought it was great for something.  Don't know what yet...
Jolene was so cute, and bought me some patterns while she was shopping around.  Gosh, I don't know what to say!  She blows me away.  I can't wait to do some of these darling projects.  I made her a small pincushion to remember her shop hop event, and took her to lunch at the Idle Isle.  A restaurant that has been around for 90 years!  Not even a comparison to her generous gift, I know, but can you ever out do Jolene?
I started on this easy project last week.  One of my shop hop projects from years past.  I love this blackbird sampler fabric in the background.  I have lots of this fabric, in many different colors!  I am going to have projects that all look the same!  This is Joined at the Hip, Liberty Welcome.  It is one of the Hanging on a star series quilts.  You can make a quilt for every season to hang on your door.  I'm not sure if I'll get to anymore soon, but I'll try.
I started on one of my Barrick Samplers.  I have vision of a whole row of these black samplers hanging with black ribbon in my sewing room.  I'll have to take pictures when I get them done.

Last but not least, I made a new ironing board cover.  Don't you just love the samplers on it?  It fits my room perfectly!
Take care dear blog friends!  Thanks for all your wonderful comments.  I love them!  Until next time...Happy Sewing.