Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not a lot of Gain on Jane, California and other progress (Picture Heavy)

Hi to all.  Life has a funny way of teaching us.  I have not been blogging, nor looking at blogs as much lately.  I felt that it was keeping me from exercising,  enjoying my hobbies, and keeping me away from my family.  As I learn to juggle my time a bit better, please bear with me. I will try and post at least once a month, but if I don't comment on your blog right away, I will eventually, even if it means reading several of your posts at once.
What have I been doing lately?  Vacationing in lovely California, which was a mere 30 degrees in the mornings.  Burrrrrr!  I will take 30 degrees where I live any day.  
With my parents and kids we flew to San Diego, and over 4 days drove up the coast to Los Angeles.  We enjoyed many things about this trip.  As my parents age, I feel spending time with them is so important, even if I do have to adjust to their schedules and habits. We made some wonderful memories.
On the last day of our trip,  my son got very ill, and started to run a fever.  That was the start of the awful flu coming to our house!  I never did get it, but both my kids, and husband did.  It's taken a lot of energy to keep up with them.  Keeping them hydrated, fed, comfortable.  My daughter lost 3 pounds, and my son was the sickest I have ever seen him.  I'm glad that's over.  I didn't get much done for a week!
At a wonderful quilt shop in Vista California called Fat Quarter's Quilt Shop.  My mom and I did some damage to the credit card, and spent several hours here.  I bought 4 patterns from this designer.  This one is called Thursday's Quilt by Quilts by Cheri.

This is at the wonderful Mormon Battalion Visitor Center in Old Town San Diego.  We made a beeline here after getting off the plane.  If you have never been, you MUST go.  It tells the story of some Mormon pioneers that enlisted to serve in the Mexican/American War in the 1840's and marched over 1000 miles to San Diego.  They built roads and many of the original buildings in San Diego.   One of our descendants, C.Y Webb,  was part of this, so it meant a lot to us to learn about him.  It is top notch "Disney style" fun and story telling, and it's all FREE.  Here I am trying to strike it rich with my kids and my Mom, (my dad is hiding in the background.  I'm wearing a fabulous scarf that Deb knitted for me and gave to me on her trip to Utah.  I get so many compliments on it.  Thanks Deb!

More of Fat Quarters quilt shop.  You know when you just fall in love with something, and have to have it?  That was me with this quilt.  I don't know why, but the colors just spoke to me.   They did have a kit of this, but it was $60.00, and for a wall hanging I thought that was a bit steep.  I opted to buy the pattern instead.  It's on the cutting table right now.  A Tisket A Tasket by The Whole Country Caboodle. 
One of the best things about visiting other quilt stores is seeing the local designers.  I am in love with this local,  Quilts by Cheri.  Cheri is the sister of well known designer, Bari from BareRoots.  They have very different styles, don't you think?  This is the Journal quilt.  My mom and I really want to do this one soon. 

I bought this pattern too.  I could see it hanging with the quilt with the basket. (above).  Another local designer Joan Grenke of Bits and Pieces by Joan.  This is called Honey Bee Baskets.

Another quilt by Cheri,  "Soots and Ashes".  Sorry  I couldn't get a good picture.  It's done with all blacks and creams, then heavily tea dyed.

Another local "Stitching Stories"  A $2.00 pattern, that went home with me!

My Dad at the gardens at the mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside.  The tree in the background is the first Pepper Tree planted in California.  The monks used it for medicine. 

What's a trip to California without a stop at the American Girl place.  Yes we bought Kanani, my daughter earned her by doing jobs and homework. Now we have 4 dolls, and I think that is enough!

When the weather warmed up we enjoyed the La Brea tar pits, right in the heart of Los Angeles.  They have millions of fossils from these tar pits.  A great school day! 

We also went to the Science museum in Los Angeles.  Nothing better than leaning "hands on"

Okay, now I have to share a fun project my stitch group did last week at my house.  These clever pincushions are mounted on a heavy metal bell from Hobby Lobby.  Jolene donated the wool from her  stash that she has acquired from thrift store wool jackets.  Kathryn (no blog) prepped the wool, and provided the inspiration.  We had these almost finished by the end of our day.  The pattern is called "A Little Birdie Told Me", by Wooden Spool Designs.  Five of us made them, and they all turned out so different and cute.
My finished bird from the  front!

From the back.  Perfect for holding some scissors!  The pocket looks crooked, but it's just the angle I took the picture from.

I've picked up a little framing.  Ah' Tis Spring by Notforgotten Farm.  This was a premade frame I found and against my framers wishes, I went ahead and had them frame it in here.  It's a bit tight, but I think it still looks okay for a seasonal item.  It was a lot cheaper than going custom!

The Farmer's Wife, ready to hang in my sewing room

 This is one of my favorite samplers.  A sweet gift given to me by dear
Terri.  She did the little dark haired girl and I stitched the rest.  I hung it in my sewing room, where I can see it every day.

Last weekend, I went shopping with Jolene and Kathryn (no blog) and found this cute child size ironing board.  I fell in love, and it came home with me.  I don't know where this will end up, but for now it is sitting by an old chair in the living room.  My mom made this little quilt for one of my daughter's dolls, and I'm "borrowing it" for a little while, until I can make one for myself.

I won a fabulous giveaway by Nancy, Bountiful Stitches.  Thanks so much Nancy.  This one is going in the work basket next month!

Some of my stash from Fat Quarters.  I loved the Buggy Barn quilt.  With all the fabrics bundled up so perfectly, it somehow made it into my shopping bag.  I don't know how that happens!  LOL

Last month Jolene surprised me with fabric for this fabulous quilt.  We got together and whipped up 2 quilts,  one for her, and one for me!     We were like a well oiled machine.  She put  the fabrics in order, handed them to me for piecing,   we both ironed, and she trusted me to quilt them.   I will always have fun memories of making this fun January project with sweet Jolene.  This is called Snowman Basket by Jan Patek and it's made from 1 charm pack, and a little yardage.  Easy peesy!  Thanks JoJo!

I've been trying to get some older projects out of the closet.  My SIL gave me these cute perforated paper designs with the blocks for my birthday about 4 years ago.  I stitched a few of them, and they are in storage now, but these still needed to be done.  Seeing all of these stash buster challenges, I decided to finish these up.  I am still working on December, and then I will be done!  YES!

Not a lot of gain on Jane, but this is my progress. For the past 2 whole days I have been printing the rest of the patterns I need to send on to my Mom and SIL.  Now I just need to get sewing.  I have about 50 blocks sitting here with fabric.  Can you say OVERWHELMED!  I guess if there is no Pain, I will not have a Dear Jane, so it must be done.  This is what I will be working on the rest of the month.

Love by Sweetheart Tree, is another one of those projects that has been in my closet for 5 plus years.  I was going to make this for my in-laws wedding anniversary.  One day while working on it around her I was trying to get a feel if she liked it or not, and I asked her how she liked it. The answer was, "I would do it in different colors",   Well, it went back in it's bag and hasn't' seen the light of day since.  I decided to work on it for Valentines day, and I will finish it up for next year.  The other project Jolene and I started last month at stitch group.  It just needs a few hours to be finished.  Hopefully I can show it finished next month.

This is my quilt that I was working on last month.  It's been finished and ready to take to the quilters for a few weeks.  Initially I had planned to quilt it myself, but I don't want to mess it up, so it's off to quilters for this one.  I love the saw tooth border, and even though it was tedious, it really adds to the quilt. 
Thanks so much for coming to visit me!  Cyber hugs to all my blog friends.  I'm anxious to hear from you.  Until next time, happy stitching and sewing!