Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Fun!

I'm doing a huge catch-up post on the main highlights of my life the last few months.  As this blog is a journal of sorts, for me, I want to make sure I can look back on what's happened during my year.  Going back to April...I celebrated my birthday.  This is what I woke up too in the kitchen!  I have an awesome husband,  He really spoiled me this year. 
Here is what was inside those packages.  I'm pretty happy with his choices.  I haven't had a chance to even think about starting these, but one day...
My Sister-in-law gave me a wonderful gift of scissors, my favorite thread, and a whole pack of Frixion pens.  (Have  you discovered how great these are?  They disappear with the touch of an iron.)  It was wrapped inside an awesome project tote. 
Imagine my surprise after going to dinner to find this gift on my porch from my dear friend Jolene.  Jolene's presents are amazing.  I'm still in shock over this gift.  I've always wanted a little sewing machine, and could never  justify buying one.  Well she surprised me!  The pincushion and bag she made are adorable too.  I think she should start a business putting baskets together, as she has a real talent for it.  Thanks JoJo...I love it all!!!!

We went traveling to Las Vegas for Memorial Day.  The weather was rainy and cold where we live in Utah, but that same cold front, made the usually scalding dessert area south of us, the perfect temperature.  We went to Red Rock Canyon for the day.  What a pleasant day to hike all over these rocks. 
My daughter found a great rock formation for a picture.

There were some narrow spots. 
That night we went and saw Phantom of the Opera.  It did not disappoint!  The music was fabulous, and so were the special effects.  If you have a chance to go...then don't hesitate.  The finale is on Sept 2nd.  We put in the offer code Mezz59 on the Phantom/Venetian website, and got tickets for $59.00.  With taxes and fees it was around $72.00.  The seats were awesome, and I would definitely recommend doing that, if you go. The reason I'm mentioning it, is that I had a really hard time finding out reviews on the Mezzanine tickets.  Maybe this will help someone else.
Sorry for the blurry photo, but I love how the Venetian was decorated for Memorial day.  Beautiful, Red,White, and Blue flags were everywhere.  So patriotic! 
This week I went to the annual Wasatch Shop Hop with my mom.  What a fun day!  All of the stores had an "old" television theme.  We were whisked back to the days of Cheers, Gunsmoke, I Love Lucy, and Brady Bunch...just to name a few.  I loved this quilt at Broadbent's.  I hope to reproduce it someday. 
This had to be one of my favorite stores, Elaine's Quilt Block.  Can you guess their theme?  Well, it was M*A*S*H, and they had rented a military ambulance and equipment to decorate their lawn and store.  They gave away granola bars and pop.  So cleaver!
This was the quilt from Quilter's Haven.  They were "The Andy Griffith Show" and they served cookies that looked like hamburgers.  Everyone was dressed like Aunt Bea.    
Loved this wreath made out of rows of ruffles.  This was from Quilter's Haven as well. 

This was my stash haul for the day.  I bought some clearance fabrics to finish up my UFO's and some patterns.  Can't wait to make the skirt and bag! 
I finished the stitching on my Random Thought's by Drawn Thread, but I still  need to finish the hemstitching.  I'm a little intimidated by it!  I've read the directions a million times, but I still haven't tackled it yet.  Maybe this week. 
I took a twisted pinwheel block class at Quilt Guild last month, and we made these simple little quilts.  I liked making this so much that I bought the 1" template.  This quilt is sitting below my child size sewing machine, and it matches perfectly.  
I'm working on Shores again.  Yesterday I started filling in the blue section, which is long and boring.   I have a lot of eye strain today, and can't get motivated to work on it, so I may need to take a break for a day or two.  Also, I think I am going to run out of blue silk, and if that happens, then I'm not sure what to do.  Chances are the dye lots will be tricky to match!  UUUUUGGGGHHH!!!
We survived the many hours of practices and costume making for my daughter's ballet company.  Here she is with her friend celebrating their final ballet performance of "The Little Pagoda".  I'm so happy that it went well, and that she still loves it. 
Yesterday I went to a quilt show, and I had to show some of my favorite quilts.  I have this quilt kit, and after seeing this done in person, I'm really excited to get working on mine.  This is by City Stitcher and I think it's called The Village Square. 
The detail on this quilt was amazing.  This is by P3 Quilt Company.  If only I could sit and sew all day long!
I think this quilt is by The Rabbit Factory, and it's called Jacob's Ladder.  I love the dimension that the wool adds to the border. 
I have no idea what this quilt is called, but it was amazing too.  I'll leave you to admire the talent.  Hope you are having as great of a summer, as I am...Until next time, Happy Sewing, and Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there too!