Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day of Reckoning

This is the day that I assess how I did on my goals for March, and set new ones for April.
I want to report that I accomplished everything, and then some! April Fools! I'm fooling myself. I really tried to finish my goals, but I believe they were rather lofty goals to begin with.

Finishes:1. DD's Easter Skirt. This is really over the top. I'm not sure she should wear this to church. She's going to look like Marie Antoinette! The pattern is new from Bananafana Designs. It takes about 5 yards of fabric, and 4 1/2 yards of tulle, but it's pretty easy to construct.

2. Block 2 of shores. Stitched on 36 Count Endinboro fabric. (My own Tea dyed color). My goal was to do block 3 as well. Hmmm. Goals are like rules...they're meant to be broken!
3. Progress on Summer Snapperland. Love working on this piece.

4. First section of Flea Market Find SAL. I stitched this in 2 days, here and there. Such a fun project! Love the colors.
5. Chessis and Me, Angels O're this house. Stitched on 36 count with Weeks and DMC threads. I was suppose to finish this project. It will be April's goal as well.
6. February block of a Tisket a Tasket. I'm kind of stuck on this block. It's been sitting here all month staring me in the face. I'm trying to decide if the basket is going to work with the over all quilt.

April Goals:

1. Work on everything I haven't finished the past 3 months.
That was easy! Let's see if I can stick to that goal!
Have a great day to all.


Deb said...

Wow. First off that skirt is so cute. Is it a Daisy Kingdom or something you came up with yourself. It's really pretty and no, I don't think she's going to look like Marie Antoinette. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of compliments for it. And I'm overwhelmed with all of your stitching. You're at the same point I am with Shores. Maybe by the end of April we'll both get that third block out of the way (that's my goal).

tara said...

Please tell me there is a pattern for that skirt? And then tell me it is easy. Oh, and then tell me you can share the pattern with me. Awesome skirt.

Hazel said...

Wow that is amazing! I just found your blog through another and I think it's fab. Love your stitching wips. xx

Rachel said...

Cute, cute skirt Loraine! She's going to look adorable in it! Congrats on your progress for the month - you did more than me :)

Tammy said...

All your projects look great--the skirt is so pretty!

Siobhan said...

That Easter skirt is just too adorable!! Super, super cute, I think your daughter will look wonderful in it. The only outfit I've ever seen as over the top at church was when a mother & daughter duo, whom I didn't see on a regular basis at church, appeared for Christmas Mass in matching American Girl outfits. It was cute & kind of funny but I thought a bit over the top and made me wonder if I was being a bad parent that I wouldn't consider dressing up as Samantha. ROFLOL Anyhoo, that skirt is just too too adorable.

Your Shores is coming along great! You know, each block is so stitch intensive that I try to remember that and what progress I make--great. I was so annoyed with myself on Wednesday because I kept stitching & stitching & stitching and STILL have loads to do on the fifth block, but then I took a chill pill & realized that they are each like mini-finishes in their own right.

Love your Summer Snapperland! Too cute. I think you're ready for the beach with your project line up. :) I love the Flea Market start, too. I have to go stash diving today; I might just pull that one out and get it started. Maybe. ;) It is so pretty. Love your Chessie & Me, too, and the February block!

YGG on the April goals!

Deb said...

Loraine - Saw your post on my blog. You should stitch Shores along with me. My goal is one a month (I'm doing this along with Siobhan and a couple of other girls). I don't really have to have this finished until June of next year, but I figured that if I could try to get a block a month done that would allow for flub ups (you know - you just didn't get done what you wanted to! Happens all the time, right? LOL So stitch this along with me! And I'm only about 40 minutes south of Flint so let me know if you're ever going to be coming to my part of the world. It's a small world in a lot of ways, isn't it?

Jan said...

That skirt, oh my that skirt is the most darling thing!! It is so very pretty, kudos, know your daughter must truly be thrilled!!

You are doing good, I must confess I pretty much bombed my March goals, but progress is progress, right? And what is a goal, if it isn't high reaching? At least that is what I tell myself!!

Beautiful work, Loraine!

Georgie said...

I adore the skirt! Yes, rules are meant to be broken, which is just as well, because I break 'em all the time

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog - wow, you do beautiful work!!!

Dot said...

Knowing Cambry, she's going to love that skirt and will wear it everywhere you'll let her. It is really cute!
I love the shores pattern. I don't know why I lean toward seaside stitchings, I know I'll never get to live by the sea.
I hopw you remember to copy the Fleamarket pattern for me. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.