Monday, November 2, 2009

Little House Needleworks Stitched by Sharlotte
I got a wonderful surprise in the mail on Thursday from Sharlotte.
I won this darling LHN sampler that she stitched and gave away on her blog, The Happy Needle. I love it! I tried to take it to the framing store on Saturday, and they closed an hour earlier than normal because of Halloween. Darn it! I'll have to take it another time this week.
Thank you so much Sharlotte!
Baby Bug Ball Shepherd's Bush
I've been working on Baby Bug Ball by Shepherd's Bush, with my dear friend Jane. My photo's pale greatly in comparison to hers, so if you want to see better pictures, head on over to her blog, Miss Jane's Stitching. It has been really fun to work on this with someone else. She encourages me to keep going, and I like that we are working on different parts of the sampler. That way we can help each other with any snags that may come our way. Thank you Jane! I love working on this with you.Another American Girl Outfit!
I have also finished another American Girl outfit. This one is Josefina's Birthday party camisa and skirt. We bought the fan and yellow shawl, but I made the skirt and top. I added a green velvet ribbon from my husbands Grandmother's stash. I was the lucky recipient of all of her sewing trims, and stash when she passed away. (I also inherited her Bernina Sewing machine, which I could not live without!)
Popping some Indian Corn
While carving pumpkins last week, we popped some Indian popping corn that we bought at the farmers market. I was really surprised that it worked! You stick it in a paper bag and pop for a minute or two. It was delicious, and left me wanting more. Darn carbs!

Eating "POPcorn on the cob"
This is my 12 year old son. I feel bad I don't talk about him much on this blog. Most of my sewing revolves around my DD. He is a great kid, always willing to have fun.
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Until next time friends!


Loraine said...

Does anyone know how to fix blogger adding that gibberish at the beginning of my post? It will not go away!

Cari said...

Ha, I thought you were sending out a secret code message to someone. I have no idea how to fix it.

Congrats on your win - what a fun piece!

Indian popcorn - yum! One year, my grandfather grew some and, much to my grandmother's dismay, hung clothesline all across the basement and hung his corn up to dry - heehee. I remember that it was the best popcorn and I remember my grandmother's ire at having corn decorating her basement.

I love your Baby Bug - it is really cute!

Enjoy your day and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!

Jennifer said...

Loraine, your BBball is darling , your Amer girl out fit is great . I will have to get my Mom to sew some of these for the dolls in our house. Lucky you to win that lovely piece. thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great week,

Cari said...

I love Baby Bug's one of my favorite SB designs. I stitched it awhile ago and it hangs in my bedroom. Keep on keeping'll love it once it's finished!!

Your doll clothes are darling. You are such a busy MOM... and the indian corn... I always wondered if that worked... Now I know. Have a great week Loraine!! Hugs!!

Margaret said...

Lovely prize! Love Baby Bug Ball too. :D You are so talented with sewing the doll clothes. I don't think I could sew like that! Don't know why you get that gibberish I'm afraid. I'm pretty follow-the-instructions myself. lol!

woolwoman said...

Loraine I'm also having a problem posting comments to certain peoples blogs like Ellen Chester's WMN and Needleprints - so annoying - I can't figure it out - so no I'm sorry but I don't know why you are getting that code stuff. WOW what a gift from Sharlotte - so cool! and your BBBAll is looking great. You are so talented with the sewing. Mel

Vonna said...

How very pretty your win is :)
And the BBB is looking darling too ;)
Oh and the popcorn, which has become my favorite food recently looks pretty doggone good too!

Mylene said...

Congrats on the win, it's a lovely piece.
Great progress made on the Shepherd's Bush, Baby Bug Ball.
The American Girl outfit looks lovely.

Jane said...

Hi Loraine! What a neat giveaway you won. Pitty about that framer closing early. Another time perhaps.

Your BBB is looking great! Looks like we're keeping at the same pace with it. Such fun to be stitching along with you. The excitement every time I see your progress is priceless. I'm going to try to take some pictures tomorrow of mine and post them on my blog.

That popcorn looks yummy. I'm sure it added to the enjoyment of your Halloween.

Keep on stitching!

Siobhan said...

Your son is adorable, Loraine! I know what you mean, my son will sometimes ask if I talk about him on my blog. I feel bad that I don't, but some how stitching and other crafts seem to have things to do with my daughters, if they are mentioned.

Neat Indian popcorn--I never heard of that! It looks good!

Yeay on the win--I have that in the huge stack to do at some point. Love your progress on your SB, and the AG clothes are fabulous.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hey Sweet Loraine! What a wonderful thing for you to win! Show us again when it's framed, okay?

I love your BBB progress! Deb stitched this and I got to see it a while back and it really is a beautiful piece. Yours is looking gorgeous!

YOure doll clothes are fabulous. You are such a multi-talented woman! I wish I could sew (or more accurately, I wish I could decipher patterns - they're like a foreign language to me). Pitiful!

Love the pic of your DS enjoying the popcorn. He's a cutie!

Georgie said...

I love your Shepherds Bush pieces....Your DS looks gorgeous too! Congratulations on your prize