Monday, April 27, 2009

By the Skin of my Teeth!

Petites Lettres Rouges by Blackbird Designs
Stitched on 30 count Liberty Gathering Linen by R&R
Silk 'N Colors "In the Burgandy" and a few Gentle Art colors.

I'm not sure if I'm in time to enter the Blackbird Designs contest, but I've stitched all day, and I'm finally finished with my little red sampler. I had a devil of a time stitching on this fabric. I kept getting messed up on the threads.

I loved the way the first entry put her Grandmother's name on hers, and after much debate, I followed suit. My Grandmother was quite an inspiration to me. She was an art teacher, and taught me much about color and design. She was a perfect homemaker, and loving wife. I admired her so much. I miss her terribly, as she just passed away in January. I put a little blue in this piece, because it was her favorite color. She had blue everywhere in her house! She even had a blue Christmas tree! Ethna Marie Webb Larson, was the name she went by, but when she filed for Social Security in her 60's, she was shocked to discover that her name was different on her birth certificate. Apparently they named her (I believe Katharine), but her dad started calling her Ethna, and that's what it remained throughout her life.

Not a prefect piece by any means. I should frog out the bird and move it up a couple threads (that doesn't sound very fun!)
Have a good night.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finishes, and changes

Hello to all my bloggy friends. This has been one of those weeks that passed me by in the blink of an eye. I had so many things to do every day, that I didn't feel like I had progressed on any of my stitching goals! The allergies are getting a little better, but my eyes have not returned to normal. I feel like I could itch then right out of their sockets!

I'm putting in a plug for exercise. I've gotten outside to hike almost everyday this week, and it feels like I've ordered a new body. I can feel the sore muscles starting to relent, and be comfortable with the pain, and I actually look forward to that 45 mins of peace and quiet. Sometimes my hubby will go with me, but several times it's just been me and my Zune. I quite like it. The only thing that worries me a bit is the cougar that lurks in the mountains behind my house. Two years ago we had prints all over in the yard. The trail is open with very little shrubbery, so hopefully I would see one coming. What am I suppose to do if one starts to come? I've played that out several times in my mind. Would my whistle and pepper spray be enough to ward one off? I'm trying to not be too paranoid about it. I think they are more afraid of me, than I am of them. (That's what I'm telling myself!)
Anyhow, go out and get some walking in. It does a body good!

I got my "Angels O're this House" by Chessie and Me, back from my framer. I think it looks fantastic. The perfect frame for this piece. I decided to experiment with non- glare glass this time. I wasn't sure how that would turn out, but I really like it. I can see the piece from any angle, without the glare. I think I will add non-glare from now on. I didn't ask how much extra it it was. Probably a couple of dollars at most.

I went shopping on my B-day last week, and bought these new pillows for my front room Chinese chairs. I really love this turquoise blue right now. It's everywhere! I think it's my new favorite color. I love to pair it with red. Aren't those Kmart's color? I was laughing about that the other day, because when I was a teenager I thought that was the stupidest color combination in the world! Hunter Green and Plum, were my favs at the time. Now it's Kmart colors! Go figure.

My dear friend gave me this cute card and it went right with my new favorite color theme, so I put in a frame for my front table. It is just like the card says "So Fabulous".

This is a cute little decoration I found at JoAnn's of all places. I thought it would be cute to hang smalls from. I don't have any "beachy" type smalls at the moment, so I better look through my charts and find one! I'm working on Bent Creeks, "Summer Snapperland", which would be fun for this table. One more thing to "hurry up and finish!"

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Take Care friends!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm blaming it on David Archuleta

Hunting for Easter Eggs in the rocks! My kids love it!
Hi there all.
It's been a while since I've posted. As with many of you, it seems that Easter break was not as productive as I wanted in the stitching department. I ventured out on our annual camping trip with my Parents, Brother, and Kids (DH had to work) to the land of "Devil's Playground", in the Northwest corner of Utah. My kids think this is the best thing to do in the whole world. We've spent thousands of dollars on "real" trips, like Hawaii, Florida, and cruises, and hands down, they would rather go camping with their cousins. We did have a lot of fun, and I did get some stitching done. However, the second night the wind started to blow. It whipped us around like we were in a Hurricane. I lay there all night praying the trailer wouldn't tip over. Not fun!!!! My kids slept right through it. I wish I could do that. It left me tired, grumpy and longing for a hot shower and my stitching chair. Thank goodness it was time to go home. I really try to be a camping kind of girl, but alas, I am not that good at it. I can handle it for short periods, and I love to do the 4 wheeler thing. It's so fun! I guess it's something I can work on.The second part to Blackbird's Designs "Flea Market Find"
Here is what I got done over Easter break. I stitched the windows in the wrong color, and I'm in the process of ripping them out, and replacing them with the dark blue. I'm thinking about leaving the "back" side of the house with the light blue (What do you think?)

Now on to other things. Why am I blaming this post of David Archuleta? Well, if any of you watch American Idol, you know who this talented boy is. I do not watch much, if any, T.V., besides my beloved old movies. I'd heard his name before, but never heard any of his music, until the other day. I was hooked. I downloaded a bunch of songs on my zune, and went to bed listening to him croon in my ear. The next morning I met my dear Sis-in-law at Bernina (a fabric store in a nearby town) because they were having a 30% off sale. That David Archuleta was still singing in my head, and it put me in quite the buying mood. I bought fabric for several new projects.
I bought this pattern in Portland last month, and I can't wait to get going on it. It is so bright and fun, it will look perfect in my main room, which has red and white checkered couches. I bought much of the fabric at Quilters Haven in Bountiful, but still needed a few pieces to finish it. While I was burning up my credit card with purchases I threw in 2 fat quarters to use for the sun in the center of the quilt, but after getting home, I just wasn't happy with them. The colors were not "bright" enough. So with David Archuleta singing on, I went on a fabric buying spree on the Internet. I ended up finding the exact fabric she used on her quilt (It's been gone for a couple of years so I felt very fortunate to find it). I also decided to buy fabric for a dress and jacket, because I found a great fabric store on, (This is a site that lists over 227 independent stores. If you know the fabric line you are looking for, chances are, someone will have it on this site). Whittles fabric had just what I needed (Flirt by Robyn Pandolf, for this green little number) and most of their fabric was $3.50 a yard. Even with shipping, it was a fabulous deal! I think I have a serious addiction to buying fabric. I really just love buying it, even if I never finish the projects I buy it for!!!
I'm going to Pennsylvania next month with my fabric buying clan, to the Spring Quilt Market. I can hardly wait. We are flying into Philadelphia, and then taking the "Amish Tour" to Lancaster. We will end up in Pittsburgh for the show, and then fly home from there. If any of you have been to the Amish areas, I would love some advice on what to see. I haven't found much on the Internet. Anyhoo (as Siobhan would say), I need a cute jacket for the trip, so I bought the fabric for this little number. I don't know why I think I can make clothes. The last time I made something for myself, it went in the garbage can, and I swore I would never make another item of clothing again. When I started quilting 9 years ago, I learned that a seam allowance is not a "general guideline" but something that really needs to be the same, on all seams. I have a lot of overinflated confidence that I can do this, so lets pray for the best. Most of the clothing patterns I'm doing are from Serendipity gifts. Kay is a fabulous designer, and she tells me it's not hard. We will see! The main fabric for my jacket I bought six months ago at a great store in Salt Lake City, called Home Fabrics (formally the $2.00 fabric store). I only paid $1.00 a yard!!!! I figured if I totally screw it up, I didn't spend more than $15.00 bucks on the whole thing, and I can again swear I'll never make anything.This is going to be a new purse. I love the fun bright fabrics that are coming out! I don't have anything to wear with this purse, so I might have to do a little more shopping when I'm done!!!
I went to my framers and dropped off "Angels O're this house", and while I was there, I found this little frame. I don't have a clue what I will use it for, but I just loved it, so it had to come home with me. David's spell had not worn off yet!
I started Blackbird Designs challenge of making their French Sampler while Alma and Barb are in France. this is what I have so far. I worked on it last night, but because my allergies have been giving me migraines, I can hardly see to sew. I just noticed that I will have unpick "A and B" because they are up 2 threads too high. I couldn't see last night! I'm using Thread Gatherers silk and R&R fabric. I'll find the names next time I post.
Saturday I got in a real spring cleaning mood. I spent half a day cleaning my bathroom, and the other half doing my bedroom. I have a tendency to "over decorate" and this tub rarely gets used because it had too many candles and decorations around it. I took almost everything off, and it's looking a little "bare" to me right now. However, I think it will entice me to fill it up a little more often. I could use a good soak every once in a while.

That's all that's going on in my neck of the woods. I'm anxious for school to get out, so I can enjoy the lovely weather. As always, thanks so much for your comments and friendship. I love my blogging friends!!!!!
BTW Check out Coldplay's new song, Viva la Vida. I think I'll be singing that for the next week or so. The sun is shining, and the top is down on the Mini! Heaven help me (and my credit card!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My first exchange

Hi to all. I've had a wonderful weekend full of stitching, quilting and fun.

My quilt guild had a "favorite things" exchange on Saturday. I noticed many of you in stitch groups do these, and I had to open my big mouth and suggest we do this as an activity. As a result, I got put it charge of this fun exchange. (This happens to me wayyy too much!)
I was nervous, because I wasn't sure that people would get the spirit of it, but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised by the creativity, and thought that people put into their gifts. The rules were, spend $5.00 or less and you had to get something for each thing on the list.

I had Laurie's name. She is a fantastic quilter and teacher, which put a little pressure on me to do something really great for her. Her list was as follows:
1. Blue
2. Pincushions and thimbles. (she snuck 2 in on this one.)
3. Civil War type reproductions.
4. Vintage Sewing Tools and Accessories
5. Bags/containers/pouches etc.
And this is what I did for her...
1. Blue. A Jo Morton civil war reproduction fabric fat quarter. (That took $2.62 cents of my $5.00). I also made a miniature photo album out of some cute scrapbook papers and threw that in as a bonus.
2. Pincushions and thimbles. I made a mattress style pinkeep with some reproduction fabric out of my stash. (zero dollars for that one.) I found a thimble on eBay which ate up the rest of my money, and then some (3.68 with shipping).
3. Civil War type reproductions. At March's meeting Laurie brought a doll quilt she had hand pieced, quilted and finished for her antique doll bed. I decided to make her a sampler to go with it. This came from a small reproduction pattern I had, and then I added an additional saw tooth border. When I finished it, I used acid free scrapbook squares to mount it, and for some reason it really shows up in the pictures, uuggghh! In real life, it isn't that noticeable.
4. Vintage sewing tools. I figured I already covered this with the other items, but since I was out of money, I found an article about antique thimble cases and included that in her basket.
5. Bags, containers and pouches. I figured an Easter basket was appropriate for the season, and it even had blue bows on it! (I think my Mother-in-Law gave it to my daughter a few years ago, so I didn't count a dollar value on it either.)

My list said:
1. Sewing (quilting and needlework)
2. Chocolate
3. Pink
4. baskets
5. lambs

My friend Colleen had my name, and this is what she got me:
1. A darling basket, perfect for snippets and stuff. 2. A little House Needleworks pattern "Stars and Stripes" with a sheep on it. (I'm so excited to do this darling pattern). 3. Pink floss, and 4. A bag of Cadburry chocolate mini eggs, that didn't last long enough to have their picture taken! It looked a lot cuter than this when she gave it to me, but I have a bad (or good depending on who you are) habit of putting things away the minute I get home. I had to get it all back out to snap a picture.

It was my church's semi-annual General Conference weekend, where we stay home and listen to uplifting song and messages from our church leaders for 8 hours! I was able to get a lot of stitching in while I listened on the Internet. In between sessions I was up cutting out quilts. It was an uplifting weekend, and I wish it could happen more than just twice a year.
I finished "Angels O're this House" by Chessie and Me. This is a 10 year old pattern that my friend from my stitching group had in her house. Every time I would see it, I would drool over it and want to stitch it. She finally donated the pattern to our library, and I snatched it up and quickly worked on it. I love the spider web roses, and the satin stitched border. A quick stitch that was very enjoyable.Stitched on 36 count linen with suggested colors. I personalized with my husband's and my initials. Our children's initials are stitched over one, under the checkerboard motifs.

This is a look at my messy creative process I use when working on an applique quilt. I'm working on a "A Tisket, A Tasket" by Bunny Hill designs, and it's a mystery BOM. (I want to use only my bag of scraps and wool, if possible to do this quilt.)
I dump out my grocery bags of scraps on the floor and pull out fabrics I like, and think will work well together. I put everything that won't work back in the bag.
I start playing by mixing and matching colors until I get combinations that I feel go well together. Then I leave them sitting for a while and give it a few hours or days to work on me. If the fabrics "speak" to me, and nothing feels out of place or "wrong" then I cut them out. (I will demonstrate my method soon, I promise!) Sometimes I still switch the colors after they are cut out, but most of the time if I've had enough time to look at them, then I leave them. I have all four blocks ready to applique, and I will be posting a picture shortly.
Have a great day to all. Until next time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day of Reckoning

This is the day that I assess how I did on my goals for March, and set new ones for April.
I want to report that I accomplished everything, and then some! April Fools! I'm fooling myself. I really tried to finish my goals, but I believe they were rather lofty goals to begin with.

Finishes:1. DD's Easter Skirt. This is really over the top. I'm not sure she should wear this to church. She's going to look like Marie Antoinette! The pattern is new from Bananafana Designs. It takes about 5 yards of fabric, and 4 1/2 yards of tulle, but it's pretty easy to construct.

2. Block 2 of shores. Stitched on 36 Count Endinboro fabric. (My own Tea dyed color). My goal was to do block 3 as well. Hmmm. Goals are like rules...they're meant to be broken!
3. Progress on Summer Snapperland. Love working on this piece.

4. First section of Flea Market Find SAL. I stitched this in 2 days, here and there. Such a fun project! Love the colors.
5. Chessis and Me, Angels O're this house. Stitched on 36 count with Weeks and DMC threads. I was suppose to finish this project. It will be April's goal as well.
6. February block of a Tisket a Tasket. I'm kind of stuck on this block. It's been sitting here all month staring me in the face. I'm trying to decide if the basket is going to work with the over all quilt.

April Goals:

1. Work on everything I haven't finished the past 3 months.
That was easy! Let's see if I can stick to that goal!
Have a great day to all.