Sunday, November 22, 2009

There's no place like home!

Shepherd's Bush Designs "Snow Hill"
A quick stitch on vacation from start to finish in a few days!

Hi to all! I've been silent for awhile as we have been on vacation in Florida. It was great to get away, but I've payed the piper all week trying to play catch up. I'm still not "caught up" with my kids school stuff, but sometimes it's just nice to let things go!
Friday and Saturday I was sewing up a wicked storm, as I had to complete 2 baby blankets for baby showers and a birthday gift for one of my best friends. I made her a retro apron from Cindy Taylor Oates' book "More Retro Aprons." I'm telling you, it was the cutest aprons, EVER! (I made the one in the center of the photo) I give this pattern book a full "10". The instructions are very well done, and it was a perfect fit! I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures. I was literally clipping threads and wrapping these gifts five minutes before the baby shower! I hate feeling rushed to finish a project, and wish sometimes I could get more organized!

My little fam on Daytona beach. Notice my DS is the only one brave enough to go in the water the first few day. Towards the end of the week, we all ventured in!
No, we did not make these sand sculptures, but they were so cool! Every day we would enjoy watching this talented guy spend hours creating a new design. He used a little stick to smooth the sand.
Anyhoo, back to vacation fun, The weather was a tad on the chilly side. A tropical storm was brewing off the coast, which brought wind and cooler temps for the first 5 days we were there. Towards the end of the week, we were back into the high 70's and the beach was wonderful. We had a chance to sit around a watch a lot of movies, and I got a lot of stitching done!
Baby Bug Ball Finish. Dedicated to my little daughter, who is always dressing up, and to my friend Jane from Australia.
In addition to stitching "Snow Hill" (above), I finished up my BBB, that I've been stitching with Jane. It was a delightful stitch, and I am so grateful for her friendship, and encouragement. I probably would not have gotten this done without her. Just knowing that I had made a commitment with her, kept me on track. Thank you Jane for everything! You are a sweetie! Go to her blog for better photo's. Jane is the Queen of perfect photos!
I had issues with my little black crow. There weren't any button holes in him. You should have seen the look on my hubby's face when I asked him to drill some pin size holes in it! I decided to ignore his counsel and do surgery on the poor thing with a sharp quilting pin. I thought I had done it when all of a sudden I was holding two pieces of a crow! I know, I'm stupid and stubborn, sometimes. I super glued the little guy back together, took it to Shepherd's Bush, which they were happy to exchange, and I'll be sewing it on after this post!
A little present for myself.
A needle minder (which I don't have, and have always wanted), and
Shepherd's Bush Halloween scissor fob kit.

Speaking of Shepherd's Bush, I had "stitch group" the day after we got home. I was so happy to leave the mess and go and stitch some more! We have about 10 members. We rotate houses and have a great time enjoying lunch and stitching. One of our members needed to stop at Shepherd's Bush on the way, and we all ended having to buy something. I think between the 5 of us, we spent several hundred dollars. It was great! I didn't buy as much as some of the others this time, but I did splurge on a Kelmscott needle minder and a Halloween Scissor Fob by Shepherd's Bush, for my orange stork scissors that Jolene sent me!

I have been the lucky winner of 3 blogs. It is so funny, because I have been entering every contest found under the blogging sun, since last December, and I never win anything! For some reason, my luck has changed because I have won 3 times in one week! How lucky am I? I should have bought a power ball ticket! I'm not sure why my luck has changed, but you can bet that it was the incentive I needed to keep entering contests!
My winnings from Heather's blog!
My first win I posted last time, the cute stitchery from Sharlotte. The second was from Heather. Her blueberry pillow is darling, and the patterns were fun too. The needleroll from Lorri Birmingham was a kit, so that should be fun to do. Thanks so much Heather! You are so wonderful! I love everything you sent.
My winnings from Jolene's blog!
I was so incredibly fortunate to win Jolene's giveaway in October. She sent me Plum Street's Designs "Gobble", with the NPI silks! Also some wonderful hand towels, and a sweet card with leaf "hugs. I've been wanting this pattern, so I was thrilled when I opened it! As always, Thank you sweet Jolene! I love it!
A wonderful surprise from Terri!
And if that didn't show how lucky I've been, then this will. Terri, sent me a wonderful surprise! I inquired about a sampler she has hanging over her fireplace in one of her photos. A lovely sampler called "Mary Allen". Terri, the sweet dear, sent me the pattern, along with some wonderful floss tags for the Mary Allen sampler and for "Alphabet Blocks" by CHS. I had asked her some questions about that one as well, as I have just kitted it up, and she was the model stitcher for it! She also sent a wonderful blackbird pattern, that I love, and will probably do very soon!
I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends. Thanks to all my blogging friends out there! I do not have a lot of interaction with friends, being cooped up on the house with my children every day. You are my outlet! My chance to connect with adults, and to be inspired. Thanks so much for your friendship.

I will be working on Christmas gifts the next few weeks, so I will have some fun things to show. Take Care all, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

I almost forgot to show you that I kitted Blackbird's "Greetings" from the Peppermint and Holly book. I don't know if I can finish before Christmas, but I'm going to work on this during the holidays!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Little House Needleworks Stitched by Sharlotte
I got a wonderful surprise in the mail on Thursday from Sharlotte.
I won this darling LHN sampler that she stitched and gave away on her blog, The Happy Needle. I love it! I tried to take it to the framing store on Saturday, and they closed an hour earlier than normal because of Halloween. Darn it! I'll have to take it another time this week.
Thank you so much Sharlotte!
Baby Bug Ball Shepherd's Bush
I've been working on Baby Bug Ball by Shepherd's Bush, with my dear friend Jane. My photo's pale greatly in comparison to hers, so if you want to see better pictures, head on over to her blog, Miss Jane's Stitching. It has been really fun to work on this with someone else. She encourages me to keep going, and I like that we are working on different parts of the sampler. That way we can help each other with any snags that may come our way. Thank you Jane! I love working on this with you.Another American Girl Outfit!
I have also finished another American Girl outfit. This one is Josefina's Birthday party camisa and skirt. We bought the fan and yellow shawl, but I made the skirt and top. I added a green velvet ribbon from my husbands Grandmother's stash. I was the lucky recipient of all of her sewing trims, and stash when she passed away. (I also inherited her Bernina Sewing machine, which I could not live without!)
Popping some Indian Corn
While carving pumpkins last week, we popped some Indian popping corn that we bought at the farmers market. I was really surprised that it worked! You stick it in a paper bag and pop for a minute or two. It was delicious, and left me wanting more. Darn carbs!

Eating "POPcorn on the cob"
This is my 12 year old son. I feel bad I don't talk about him much on this blog. Most of my sewing revolves around my DD. He is a great kid, always willing to have fun.
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! Until next time friends!