Saturday, July 3, 2010


Don't you just love surprises?  I was the recipient of not one, but two brown boxes all tied up with string, yesterday!  YIPEE!
I won the giveaway from Dixie Samplar Designs last week, and Terri's wonderful package arrived yesterday.  I was filled with anticipation when opening the box.  Do you want to see what's inside?
A whole lot of wonderful stitching goodness!   Scissors, patterns, a glass flower frog, thread, fabric, treats, a candle, and fabric!  What more could a girl want?  Thanks so much Terri for the fun.  I'm so in awe of your generosity!

I especially liked this pattern.  I think I will put that in the "to do real soon" pile! (Do you have one of those?  Mine is really big!
My other wonderful surprise came from Deb.  This wasn't really a huge surprise, as I knew that she was sending this package.  It's quilt software, for Dear Jane.  The surprise was how fast the postman got it here!   Deb and I are going to start this project together.  She bought this software for herself several years ago, but it is for Windows, and she now owns a Mac, so it would not work her.  I'm really hoping it works on my computer, so I can print templates out for us to paper piece many of the blocks.  Want to join us on this insane quest?  I can't promise we will be very organized or stay on task, but you are welcome to join in the fun if you want.  Let me know.
I finished this little Betsy Ross House sampler, (a freebie from plum street samplers.  I don't remember the name of it right now)  I'm not showing close up, as I'm not thrilled with my finishing on this.  I've never done finishing like this before, and it shows!  It looks okay from a distance, so that's how you get to view it!  LOL.
I think this saying applies in this situation, "Better done than perfect!"
I finished my Joined at the Hip quilt.  It's hanging on the front door.  I'm amazed at how long projects like this, actually take!  I thought a day or two...good grief it took me a day just to quilt the darn thing.  I'm not thrilled with my quilting either.  I used clear thread, so it wouldn't show up very well.  I'm critical of my skills, as they are very beginning.  I'm not one that would choose to do an entire quilt, as I like the finished product so much more if an experienced quilter does the job.  It's good to practice I guess.  I'm all for learning new skills.
I just finished piecing this quilt top yesterday.  This is for my DD's 9th birthday in a few weeks.  Grandma is going to help me with the quilting, because of my beginning quilting skills as mentioned above!  I hope she likes this.  It is by Quilt Soup, and is called All Dolled Up.  I bought the pattern and kit last year at shop hop.  I love these fabrics!  So bright and cheery!  I have lots of sewing to do for the birthday party.  I'll post more about that later.
I've been sneaking in a few stitches here and there on my "The Farmers Wife" sampler from Barrick Samplers.  I have had to do a little tweaking on the colors, as the DMC converted colors are really off.  I like the way this is turning out, and I find myself wanting to work on it all the time, which I'm trying to avoid.  Consequently, Deb sent me some rotary instructions for a quilt called the Farmers wife, that I would like to start real soon. Isn't that weird?  Two projects with the same name...I must be in a Farm kind of mood.

Well, take care and have a wonderful 4th of July.  Thanks so much for your advice on my quilt from the last post.  I'm still holding on that quilt for a while!  Also, thanks for your comments and kind words.  I should respond to all your comments, and forgive me for not doing so.  I will try and be better!  Your comments are the reason I keep blogging, so thanks from the bottom of my heart!


Margaret said...

Love all the goodies! I have that Dear Jane software somewhere too, I think. I made a few blocks in my former life but haven't touched it since. Piecing just isn't my thing! Love all your projects! They're wonderful! The colors on your daughter's quilt are wonderful! Have a great 4th!

JOLENE said...

You have been a busy girl Loraine! I love your "Welcome" door hanging, and the background fabric is wonderful! Your sweet little daughter will be tickled pink over her new quilt, it is absolutely darling! Now for your surprise packages, Wow is right, you are one spoiled gal, and so deserving. Hope to see you soon, have a fantastic fourth!!!! Smiles....

Deb said...

Wow, wow, wow - look at all those goodies in that package. I think you hit a goldmine with all that wonderful stuff! Love everything, especially that frog :0) and I like that pattern you've picked for near the top of your stash pile!

Hope that software works - I think we're going to need a lot of help with this craziness! But I just keep telling myself that the results are going to be so worth it.

The quilt that you made for your daughter is absolutely adorable. So sweet!!

And about that clear thread - I've tried using that too and really didn't like the results very much. I should post what I used it on - a Thimbleberries wall hanging. I just didn't like the results at all. But you know, if you don't try it then you will never know. But your Joined at the Hip quilt is just wonderful and you chose a great place to hang it.

Now, about that Farmer's Wife piece - are you trying to make me crazy or what? I think I need a break from A&E's and I'm just loving the bright colors of it!

Such a great post Loraine, and I'm still noodling about making the trip!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Wow! That is one spectacular giveaway you got there! Yeah! for you!

Your PSS finish looks fine to me - I'm not the best at that kind of finishing either so I understand your feelings. But, truly, it looks good to me. Your door hanging quilt looks awesome.

Love the quilt for your DD. She will love it - it's so girly!

Good luck with the software!

Have a happy 4th!

Jane said...

Hi Loraine! You've done some amazing work with your stitching and quilting. Looks like you've been very busy lately. Well done on those winnings too.

Have a great July 4th!

Katrina said...

Great mail! And the gift from Terri is wonderful. All the stitching and finishing pics were lots of fun to look through too :-).

Valerie said...

I love all of your stitching goodies! How wonderful win such a generous giveaway! All of your projects are lovely! I really like the Betsey Ross sampler...I have a new "thing" for patriotic pieces! Your daughter's quilt is darling and I really like the door hanging too! Thanks for sharing!

Siobhan said...

What beautiful finishes! I love the patriotic designs--great idea for finishing, and I love the wallhanging, too! The quilt is ADORABLE! Love the goodies that you got, too. I can't wait to see what you do with the Dear Jane software. :)

Anonymous said...

What fun goodies! I LOVE the door hanging! Quilting is something I really want to master. Yours is looking great!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Hi, Loraine! I don't think I've commented on any of your posts before now (so sorry!!), but I finally got around to updating my blog roll to include my new followers, so here I am. :)

First up, that stash!!! Oh WOW!!! You hit the motherload. Suh-weet. Love the pattern you're putting in your to stitch soon pile. I don't think I've ever seen that one. I'm curious... what is that red/ tan ginghamy type fabric? Is it a dishtowel or something? Love the print, so I was just wondering.

Next - your door hanging quilt - LOVE it!! That background samplery fabric is awesome! Where did you get it? Soo cool! I know what you mean about not feeling entirely certain of your own quilting capabilities... I'm right there with ya, and I'm still struggling to master piecing, too, lol!

And the quilt top! It is adorable! Your daughter will love it, I'm sure. Great job on it!

Isn't Deb just the best? It was so good of her to send you that software! She is a generous, and wonderful lady - but you knew that already, I'm sure.

Hope you're doing well, and nice to finally "meet" you. :) ~Robin

Jeanne said...

Wow - you really scored some great gifts there! I am in the midst of stitching Q&Q - it's really a nice pattern with so many extras thrown in. Love your little basket. I used to use the clear thread occasionally but have gone past that phase. I prefer to use a neutral colored cotton thread instead - less aggravation with the machine it seems.

Tammy said...

Wow, what a goodie package that was! Lucky girl! Your projects are fantastic, as always. The door hanging is awesome!

dixiesamplardesigns said...


I am so glad you are enjoying the goodies! It was a blast to put it all together...and I definitely will have to do it again soon! To answer MyLifesAStitch, the red-gingham thingie is a small lampshade cover that has a border you can stitch on...thank you for asking because I forgot to put that in my note, LOL!

I absolutely love your basket and quilt finishes...beautiful! And the WIP is coming along very nicely.

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog yesterday...I am glad to see that people are still visiting even though I haven't been so good with the posting lately. I hope to have some new pics to share over the weekend.