Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have a million of these, why do I need another?

I'm not talking about things on my to do list, I'm talking about pincushions, of course! I love them! I've decided I definitely have a pincushion collection, as I can't stop making them! Why not? They're fast, cheap to make, and provide a function. So here's to our pincushion collection's girls! I'm embracing it, as I know that this addiction isn't going away anytime soon!
Here's my next one, from Happy Zombie, already planned out.

We made these pincushions in quilt guild last weekend, and they were really fun, so I made two. You use 3 old CD's in the base to make it easy to piece the two pieces together. It's also filled with emery and more stuffing than your stomach could hold on Thanksgiving day, which makes it a really nice weapon if someone were going to break in and steal your sewing stuff!
If you want the full instructions, here is the link. Have a great day.


tara said...

I'm still not sure where I am going to come up with 3 old cds or I would be making one. Its nice to see the finished product. And the cake slice is cute too.

Deb said...

These pincushions are adorable! Thanks so much for the link.

Siobhan said...

Those pincushions are adorable! Great idea to use the old CDs, too. That's good for the extra ones that you get in the mail, etc.

Анна - Зонт said...

Beautiful! Thank you for this instructions!