Monday, March 2, 2009

March Goals

Hi to all. I'm really liking this accountability to my computer thing. I seem to really work better on projects if I have a goal in sight, so here are my finishes for February, (where did that month go?), and my goals for March.

I finished this little design last night. A shout out to my blog friend in Ireland, Siobhan.
You can read her blog at "Notes from Blue Hen Hollow."

February Finishes:
1. Bent Creek's "Hunt" sheep, finished on the airplane to and from Orlando! It's being framed right now!
2. "Valentine Hearts" by Blackbird. Finished and at the framers. (Victory Dance!) I'll post pictures when I get them back next week.

3. Sunflower Hill Designs "Fresh Pickings".
This was enjoyable as projects get.

I spent my whole Saturday cleaning and changing over the decorations. (I have major spring fever), and I love these new spring touches.

March Goals
1. Finish Cambry's Easter skirt.
2. Finish cutting out the "Home Sweet Home" quilt by Blackbird.3. Finish the blocks for "A Tisket, a Tasket" block of the month. This is block one, (ready to be appliqued). I need to finish block two and three (which will be available in a few days.) You can print these incredibly fun designs on Bunny Hill Designs blog.
. Finish "Angels O'er this House" by Chessie and Me. Sorry I don't have a picture for this. I borrowed the pattern out of my Stitch groups library.

5. Finish block two and three of "The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow", by Carriage House Designs. I love this sampler. I am stitching on 36 Count Edinburough fabric (My own tea dyed color), and Vikki Clayton silks.

6. Finish the last row of "Alphabet Village". I posted this as a goal in January and haven't done a thing on it. Shame on me!

Fun Travels:
I am going to Portland with a bunch of fun family and friends, to buy fabric at "Trendz". I'm so excited to see what is new on the market. I am going to try and have self control, and not buy everything I see, Heaven help me!

I'm also going to a quilter's retreat. I love attending this event with a few friends. We sew from Thursday to Saturday, and it always proves to be my most successful quilting day of the year. Last year I got 3 quilt tops done, and a table runner sewn. Yippee!


Siobhan said...

Thanks for the shout out! :) I love your Irish pillow! Super cute. Great stitching and finishing! I looooove your quilt projects. Wow. Love the fabrics you used. And a quilt retreat! YGG! I can't wait to see what you get finished. Your Shores is looking wonderful! I can't believe how great your linen looks--you did a great job with it! I'm slogging away, filling in block 3 around the mermaid. Good luck with your March goals!

Dot said...

I love the fabric choice for your Tisket Tasket Basket. You finished quite a few projects--good job! the table runner is sure pretty--I like it!
You're an inspiration! Love Mom

tara said...

I want to do the basket Bunny Hill squares. Super cute. Again, I cant make the quilt guild meeting this Saturday. I really wanted to see what Laurie was showing us. Could you take pictures? We will have to make a lunch date and I can come up and visit. Maybe a picnic in the spring with the kids. Have fun at your retreat. I have always wanted to go to one.

tara said...

My mom is visiting for a month coming up so I hope to make it to the April meeting and if you know of a retreat let me know. I did see the pin cushion tutorial. Now to find old cds.

Deb said...

I'm glad that you found my blog today so that I could find yours! Thank you for the comment you left on my bunny. I absolutely love your table runner. And your Home Sweet Home quilt. I have that book and now seeing yours makes me realize that I should start this sometime. Too many projects - too little time. And I love your progress on Shores! Haven't started my second blog, but will soon!

happy zombie said...

Your BunnyHill block is so beautiful! And your table runner with the prairie points... I love that too!