Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Goals

I am going to be on vacation this month, so my goals for February may end up becoming March's goals as well!
I started this last year when we were on St. Pete beach. I hope to do a little more on vacation, hopefully on another beach!
This is one I've been working on in the car. 28 count and 3 strands of floss. I hope to finish for Easter decorating.
My Needles and Beadles stitch group will be working on this the next few months. I think there will be 4 of us working on it. Myself, Rachel, Kristin, and Teresa.

Cut out and start this table runner by Sunflower Hill Designs, Julie Popa. I bought this kit at "Shop Hop" about 2 years ago. It should be a fast finish if I can just get it cut out!

I cut this out a couple of weeks ago. Pat Sloan's "I can't believe I'm Quilting" book. This was bought as a kit several months ago. This is going to be one of my favorite quilts, I can already tell. I love this fabric! I am making a dress and a purse out of this fabric I love it so much. (that's another goal, to get those done!) This should be a quick quilt that can be made in an afternoon. I love projects like that.
Goal for this month is to get the blocks cut out for this quilt. "Home Sweet Home", by Blackbird designs. I won this book when the wonderful blackbird women came to Brigham last year and taught classes. I never win anything, so when they called my name I was in shock!
(above) Me with wonderful and talented Alma Allen. I admire her so much!
(Below) Barb Adams getting a hand cramp from signing all of my books! Sorry Barb, I can't help but be a little starry eyed over the two of you!
They are wonderful! I really enjoyed meeting them. I wish they lived closer, I would pick their brains about quilting and enjoy going to lunch with them!


Dot said...

You keep me motivated. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Can believe that I have been to your blog but didnt know it was you!? Hi!!
I dont think I will make it to the Guild meeting this Sat. I just started a part time job and it has tuckered me out. I need to sleep in. Boo to me. I really love the group and plan on still coming.
Your blog is going on my favorites list.
If you are ever in the neighborhood call me and we can meet at the Quilt Barn in Kimberly.

Siobhan said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I LOVED looking through yours. You got to meet Alma! I'm so jealous. I love your taste in projects! Beautiful WIPs. YGG!