Thursday, June 25, 2009


Attention all Shepherd's Bush Fans!

If you have the kit "Sail Away" and would like to join Terriboog and I in a Stitch-A-Long, we will be starting on August 5th, which happens to be Terri's 50th Birthday. (Isn't that great!)

Terri has a fabulous blog Chocolates for Breakfast; Stitching for Lunch, and you must all run over there and read it. She is highly entertaining, and such a doll! We've never met in person, but I know we would be close friends!

If you want to join us and you don't have the kit...then by all means, sprint over to your favorite needlework store and get it, or order online. We are giving you a little over a month to get your hot little fingers on it.

Neither one of us has ever hosted a SAL, so we really have no clue what we are doing, however, we both feel it would be fun to work on something with a group, so if you are interested then leave a post on either one of our blogs and we will get it set up. If you have already stitched this piece, then we welcome your suggestions.

Once again, that is a start of AUGUST 5th! I might make a little "gift" for all that join our group, so that might be your little incentive!

If you know anyone that might be interested, please pass the word along. The more the merrier!Aren't the colors gorgeous? I'm in silk heaven!


Deb said...

Oh Loraine, I wish I could join you on this one, but I've already stitched it! I'm sure that there will be some others that will want to jump on the bandwagon and stitch along with you and Terri. Maybe I'll stitch a SB piece just to get another one out of my stash!

woolwoman said...

Hi Loraine - I already read Terri's wonderful blog and must add your's to my list. Please check into mine when you have time.

I have this kit - bought on vacation last summer - made a tiny start on it but put away and never touched again - however I LOVE this - truly would love to finish and have hanging in my house. Please I would love to join your SAL? I CAN NOT believe Ms Terri will be 50 - she looks so young- just goes to show 50 IS THE NEW 30! LOL - Mel

justbeecausebykristin said...

HEY GIRL! You got me hooked on this one! I am such a fan of anything nautical and Shepherds Bush! Count me in!!! Maybe it I have deadlines, I will get it done! Hope your trip is wonderful!!! Miss ya lots!

lenna said...

Hi Loraine ~
I am also interested in doing this SAL. I saw it completed at my retreat 2 years ago and have wanted to do it ever since.
So, please count me in. I have a blog if you have time to visit it. It is
Thanks ~ My email addy is
God Bless ~

Glenna said...

Hi! I left a message with Terri also, and I thought I'd drop by here to (and read your blog!) to let you know I've got Sail Away--I barely started it, just got a couple of lines done and want badly to finish, so I'd love to join the SAL. What a great idea--it's such a lovely sampler and I've felt bad about letting it sit in the dark in its bag... You can reach me through my blog or

Tammy said...

So pretty! I dont' have this one......yet!

Mylene said...

I wish i could join you but i don't have this design and we are going away for a while.
Looking forward to see your progress when we get back.

Tanya said...

I am glad I followed a link from Terri's blog. You have such a lovely blog.

Siobhan said...

I'll enjoy watching your progress--it is such a cute design! I especially love the sentiment.

Анна - Зонт said...

Ah, what a miracle! I love "Sail Away"!!! What a pity that I have stitched it! :)
But I will enjoy to watch your process!

Lizzy said...

Hi Loraine!

I LOVE Sail Away and I'd love to join in with you all on the Sail Away SAL! I've had the kit for a while now and it's one of my favourite designs... Alas, I've just been procrastinating... And this is the perfect opportunity to stitch it! :)

You have such a lovely blog with loads of stitchy lovelies to admire!

Blessings in stitches...