Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Goals

I am going to be on vacation this month, so my goals for February may end up becoming March's goals as well!
I started this last year when we were on St. Pete beach. I hope to do a little more on vacation, hopefully on another beach!
This is one I've been working on in the car. 28 count and 3 strands of floss. I hope to finish for Easter decorating.
My Needles and Beadles stitch group will be working on this the next few months. I think there will be 4 of us working on it. Myself, Rachel, Kristin, and Teresa.

Cut out and start this table runner by Sunflower Hill Designs, Julie Popa. I bought this kit at "Shop Hop" about 2 years ago. It should be a fast finish if I can just get it cut out!

I cut this out a couple of weeks ago. Pat Sloan's "I can't believe I'm Quilting" book. This was bought as a kit several months ago. This is going to be one of my favorite quilts, I can already tell. I love this fabric! I am making a dress and a purse out of this fabric I love it so much. (that's another goal, to get those done!) This should be a quick quilt that can be made in an afternoon. I love projects like that.
Goal for this month is to get the blocks cut out for this quilt. "Home Sweet Home", by Blackbird designs. I won this book when the wonderful blackbird women came to Brigham last year and taught classes. I never win anything, so when they called my name I was in shock!
(above) Me with wonderful and talented Alma Allen. I admire her so much!
(Below) Barb Adams getting a hand cramp from signing all of my books! Sorry Barb, I can't help but be a little starry eyed over the two of you!
They are wonderful! I really enjoyed meeting them. I wish they lived closer, I would pick their brains about quilting and enjoy going to lunch with them!


Spring Snapperville framed. I decided to wait until fall to frame the winter one, so I wouldn't have to store it.

I thought I would post progress on my goals for January. I did better than I thought I would! I think putting it down in print did help me get these done, so I will list new goals for February and see how I do.Bareroots Quilters Bag and scissor fob. I didn't follow the directions on this bag, so I ended up screwing it up, and then having to use some creativity to fix it. I love the way the handle turned out. I added grommets and a wider (red fabric) handle. Then I poked the fabric through the grommets and added a tie on the outside. I had extra quilted fabric so I made 2 pocket holders for rotary cutter and other odds and ends. I will use this a lot for quilt guild!
Yesterday I did the applique for the "Mama Said" quilt. I looked through several books before I decided on this heart border from "A Fresh Look at Seasonal Quilts", by Julie Popa. It is ready for the machine quilter. I wonder if she can put quilted hearts in the border in a pink or red to mimik the applique? This will have a green binding and will hopefully tie it all together.

Progress on Valentine hearts. I should have this finished and to the framers this week. After the basket was done stithcing, this got was a lot more fun to work on.

Still haven't worked on Cambry's skirt. I got my ruffler, and it didn't work on my machine, so I ended up having to send it back. I ordered another one from my local Bernina shop, and have no idea when it will be here. I hate waiting!