Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ah' Tis Spring!

The weather has been so nice...
Hi to all! We have been enjoying the lovely 70's weather this past week. So fun to roast marshmallows around the fire pit. So nice to feel the warm sun. So nice to work in the yard. I have enjoyed every minute of it, UNTIL... a terrible storm came through last night and woke us out of a sound sleep. Pea size hail and thunder woke us out of our slumber. Ah' Tis spring! This is typical weather for us in Utah. Nice one day, and snowing the next. A hailstorm ripped up the flowers and plants this morning...Happy B-day to me! (Yes, it's today! I'm going to take full advantage of it.)
A New Start
"Ah Tis Spring by Notforgotten Farm"

28 count cream Lugana with Weeks, Gentle Art and DMC linen thread
Last Thursday, I needed a new project. Something that would be easy to work on while DD did her math outside, so I caved, and left my goals behind to start something new. Now that I've picked this bunny up, I can't seem to put her down! This is one of those projects that I have loved every second of. I hope to work on her again today. It would be nice to finish a project in a week!

I got all of my new Carriage House Sampling Stash. Our stitching group is splitting up this order and the charts will be going in our library. Since so many of us wanted these charts, we thought this would be a good way for all of us to have chance to stitch these designs. So fun to look at all of these projects. I can't wait to start something new. I love the way Terri stitched Noah's Stocking into a sampler. I may have to copy her! What a great idea.

I also got the new Blackbird book. At first glance, I wasn't really that thrilled with it. I wasn't sure that I would do anything out of it...however after finding FayeRaye's blog, I decided that I may have to do this sampler someday. Really pretty!

Keeping up with my goals this month.
A new bag for a friend who just had her second baby.

My bag to match my Easter dress. Still working on it! (The dress is done!)

My Fig Tree Quilt, Garden Gate! Loving this project.

Lastly, I need to brag about my little daughter. She took a painting class from a lady in our neighborhood. She teaches their "Achievement days" class at our church.
Last night, they had a "Art Appreciation" night to show off the paintings they made.

My DD next to her painting. I can't believe my 8 year old painted this! I'm thrilled with her work.

That's all for this week! Thanks for all you wonderful comments. I love reading them!


Heather said...

Lots of great projects, I love seeing them all. I like the bag you made, it’s so cute! I always start new projects when I should be working on the dozen others I’ve got going on, but don’t feel bad, it’s fun right? :) Your daughter is adorable, oh my gosh! I didn’t know you had an 8 year old too, too bad we don’t live close, they could play! And her painting is amazing, holy cow!

Ranae said...

Happy Birthday!!! and many many more.
You have been busy.
I must say the highlight of the post, is your DD painting, it is just gorgeous. There is talent there for sure.
I love that Spring WIP, it is on my list now, Thanks to another blogger, lol
Have a fun fun day

Margaret said...

Happy happy birthday! Hope the weather clears up. I love all your WIPs -- and what a great idea for the CHS charts! And your daughter -- you should definitely be proud! She is one talented girl!

Mylene said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have had a wonderful day.

WOW! Beautiful paintings of your Daughter- a very talented girl!

Maggie said...

First of all i'd like to say congratulations to your daughter, looks like she has a talent and you must be really proud of her :-)

Love all the CHS charts, and what a great idea to share them out!

Your bag is wonderful, i do envy people who can sew and put something like this together!

Hope you get your sunshine back soon, but don't send your rain to the UK, our weather is quite nice here at the moment and we need it to stay around a while longer, lol

FayeRaye said...

OMG...First off, Happiest of birthdays!!! Secondly, you have a VERY talented daughter~~~ And, I LOVE your CH stash......Whoa....

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog....I love your words of wisdom and those awesome photos you post~ Keep up the great work~ Faye

Jan said...

Whoa kudos to your talented daughter, Loraine! The painting is beautiful! And I love the bunny too, nothing like a new start, and this one is plenty deserving!!

Happy Happy Birthday to you, I hope it is a most blessed one for you!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Loriane! I love the pics of your backyard, very beautiful!

Great CHS stash haul, what a great idea about having a "library" of them, very cool!

Your DD is too cute and the painting, wow! WTG!!

Love your WIP, that design is so pretty as is your stitching :-)

Cari-in-VA said...

I just love to visit your blog. So many wonderful things.

Your daughter is just too cute and what a talented little artist she is!

What a great new start - I love this piece. And all those CHS charts, oh my - you must be in heaven.

You make the prettiest bags and your quilts, you are so talented!

Hope you are having a great week.

Melissa said...

I love those quilt blocks. They will be awesome!

Happy Birthday! another April baby! Have fun!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Cha Cha Cha - Ooooh La!!!!

We had a hail storm last week (I think) with golf ball sized hail. I called Matt to tell him to put his car in the garage. He was glad he listened to me, for once!

Great start on your bunny girl - love the blue in her dress; that's really a sweet chart!
Your daughter is just as cute as can be and what a great painting! I know you'll have a primo spot to hang it!

Awesome handbag you made for your friend and I love the colors in the one you're making for yourself. I'd love to see the dress! You're so talented, no wonder DD can paint!

Gotta love all those CHS charts! She definitely has some good ones and there are several I'd like to stitch one day. I do have to say that I really did like the way my Noah turned out - thanks for the compliment.

Happy birthday, Sweet Loraine!

Siobhan said...

Your daughter is 8 and she painted that?????? Wow!! What talent! She is a cutie patootie, too. :)

I love your projects--the bag is so cute! I especially enjoyed seeing your Fig Tree quilt project. I don't know how I stumbled upon Fig Tree's designs and fabrics but I have been stalking the designer's blog and just going crazy over them. I am finally ready to step back into quilting after not doing any for over 10 years. Gulp. So much has changed--honey buns, jelly rolls, etc. I ordered some charm packs and am starting with hand piecing hexagons while deciding on what machine to go with and where to start. Since everything will be mail order, I'm going slow, especially since I still want to stitch. I've never been good about dividing my time or not being obsessive/compulsive about my hobbies. I loooove the fabrics that you're using for the quilt.

Happy, happy birthday! Wishing you a wonderful year of health and happiness.