Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a fabulous Day!

Hi everyone,

I don't blog twice in one week very often, but I just had to tell you about a wonderful day that I had yesterday!

First of all, thanks to all my wonderful blog friends who wished me a happy birthday! You are the best! It was so nice to read (and hear) all of your messages. Also, my little daughter is beaming with joy over the sweet comments about her painting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Yesterday, Mother Nature marveled us with hail storms! We don't get them often in Utah, but we had two huge storms before the day was through. They ripped through the grill and furniture covers on the patio, they demolished the garden and little flowers. You would think one would want to stay home amidst this craziness. I however, didn't want to fix myself and family something to eat, so I insisted that we go to lunch in Ogden, and after that go do a little shopping at Shepherd's Bush.

I was starting to regret that decision at first, because the weather was so bad at the restaurant that I thought the car would be damaged from the hail. We also had the power flickering off and on in the restaurant, so I thought that would be eating in the dark. But, all of this was worth it after our trip to SB.

Since the weather was what it was, no one else was crazy enough to brave the storm, and we pretty much had the entire SB staff at our disposal. After I pointed out a few lovely things to DH, that I would like, I hung out in the back of the store while DH decided what to buy. The girls stayed busy for quite a while, and I had no idea what could be taking so long. Well this is why they were taking so long...
Such lovely gifts. Most of them had a little "sheep" tied to the ribbon. The SB girls do know how to spoil!

Hubby did pretty good at picking out fun things. He bought waaayyy more than I would have. The Autumn and Fall charts were a surprise, and I wasn't as jazzed about them. However he said they had changed the colors, and he loved them...guess we got to do something the rest of the family likes once in a while!
He hid all of the gifts in the car before I could see them, and then he went home and set up a wonderful "treasure hunt". It was so fun.

I can't say enough about the SB staff. They really went out of their way to make this a special day, and I don't think my husband will go to another store to buy a present! He has become a loyal customer!
When we were leaving Teri said, "Your husband is really great! Really, you are very lucky." I could not agree more!

My dear friend, Val, gave me a great puzzle from a local artist. She even had the box autographed. Also, she gave me a sweet book about friends. I'm so blessed!
The next two photo's are presents to myself. I went shopping last week, and found this cute angel in the clearance section at a decorating store. It was the only one left, and it was a whopping $.63. Can you believe it! I can't wait to put her with some samplers.

I also bought the turquoise vase and ball things. I thought they were pretty great. They are not antique, but they were cheap, so I added them to my table.

I finished my Bent Creek Wedding row. One more UFO to cross off!

Thanks for visiting me. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Again, I thank you for the sweet comments. They sure brighten my day!


Anonymous said...

The paintings the AD girls did are phenomenal! I'm the leader in our ward, and I'm always looking for new ideas. This is a great one!

I am totally jealous that you can just go into the SB shop. I love their stuff. Your hub and the kids did a fantastic job. I love the scissors. :)

Kim said...

Oooh Loraine! You're right! I love the vase and balls! Awesome finds! Happy belated birthday to you!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a great day! Your dh and sk's (sweet kids) picked out some great stuff - I call that, guided discovery at its best!!! Love your angel - it'll be perfect with your samplers and the vase and balls are so pretty!

All the SB gifts are just wonderful - the scissors are way too cute and lots of great patterns to keep you busy for a while.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Siobhan said...

Awww, what a great hubby! I love your thrifty finds, too. Love the stitching!

Margaret said...

Oh what a fabulous day -- except for the hail. lol! You have a keeper there in your hubby! Great presents! And what fun to have SB to yourself too! Lucky!! Love your thrifty finds too. And that quilt!! That's what caught my eye! lol! Glad you had such a fun day -- you deserve it!

Margaret said...

Oops! Congrats on the finish too! Nice!

Sharlotte said...

What a wonderful day you had!! I love the painting that your daughter did in your last post. Happy Belated Birthday by the way!! The puzzle is great and of course the stash is!! SB stuff is great isn't it? I have a kit that I need to finish stitching.

Cari-in-VA said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Loraine. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. What wonderful gifts from your husband.

I just love the vase and deco ball - the color is fantastic.

Enjoy your day.

Oh, and congrats on finishing another UFO!

Cari said...

What a delightful post...and you made lemonade from that lemon of a day!! Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! I love going to the Bush...they do delight us don't they? Your darling daughter's painting is beautiful. You have a budding artist there Loraine. Hope the weather 'springs' up for you....crazy hail...very unusual.

Hugs and happy stitching on that birthday stash!!

LiahonaGirl said...

Happy (belated) birthday! What a fun birthday you had. I've bought several patterns at SB where they changed the colors -- and it made me love the design whereas I probably wouldn't have stitched it without their changes.

Deb said...

Happy Belated Birthday Loraine. I'm sorry I missed it - but I've been so busy!

Your DH and kids picked out some wonderful things. How wonderful to receive all of that fantastic stuff!! You're going to be busy with all of it for a while - and what is not to love about those scissors!!!

Love your angel and balls too. Isn't it fun to thrift shop!

Again, so sorry that I missed your birthday, but so happy to see that you had a wonderful day.

Barbeeque4 said...

What a super stash haul!!! To visit the SB store - what luck!!!

Mylene said...

WOW! Such great gifts from DH and kids.

Congrats on the lovely finish.

Have a nice weekend!

JOLENE said...

Happy B-late-d birthday!!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous day out with your family for a birthday celebration. I bet you had so much fun unwrapping those pretty bows and finding some great new stash! I agree Shepherds Bush is THE best!!! I couldn't help but notice the FABULOUS frame you have displayed on your table next to your ornamental balls, love it! Your tin angel is darling, and it would look nice on your Christmas tree, too. Beautiful stitchery, congrats on the finish!!!! We definitely need to get together for a shopping spree someday soon.....Smiles....

tara said...

Happy Belated Birthday. What lovely surprise gifts.
Utah sure does know how to hail.

ohiofarmgirl said...

That vase is outstanding...I bet it is wonderful, a real show stopper! Happy Belated Birthday! Dianntha

Jennifer said...

Happy belated bday Loraine! My daughter and I also have April bdays so we are all kindred spirits. Your DD's paintings are beautiful , what a talented gal!
Lovely SB gifts and thrift finds too . Looking forward to seeing more of your stitching!

Dot said...

What a lovely birthday! Spending time with your wonderful family and doing all the things you love to do, would be especially nice. Yes, Kevin does have a special sense when it comes to gifts for his special wife. He is one in a million.
Cambry's picture is so good for an 8 yr old. Kind of reminds me of the pictures you kids painted when grandma L came up and gave you lessons. It will be a keepsake, I'm sure. Lots of talent in your family. We love you all. Mom