Thursday, June 5, 2014

Catching Up!

So I have been really bad at posting lately. I am not sure if anyone is even reading this blog still, but If you are, thank you!!!  I don't know why my life seems to be so hectic right now, but with two teenagers going every which way, I don't seem to have the life I had before. Not that it was easier by any means. 
I also got a job...more on that later. 
So I have some finishes to share. This is a wool and cotton quilt called Pennies from Heaven. I started this about a year ago and my sister-in-law did the quilting on it. I love the way this turned out. It was not the easiest pattern to construct and after it was put together I noticed some flaws, but it's done. and I will be thrilled to have it on my wall. 
I have several quilts back from the quilters. This was an exchange that we did in quilt guild called "Girl Gang". I'm not sure of the designer. I added the red triangles and piano keyboard. It's a really soft quilt that will get a lot of use at our house. 
This is my first Kim Diehl quilt called Idaho Farm Girl. It was also an exchange.  I really love the colors in this quilt and I can't wait to make another Kim Diehl quilt. I found out yesterday that she is retiring from teaching after 2015, so I hope to be able to find a class to take from her. She is one of my all time favorite quilt designers. 
This is a bullseye quilt that we cut out with an Accucut machine. I used the craziest throw away fabric to make this. The funkiness adds to the appeal. 
This was also an exchange quilt. I added a row of flags and intended to use this as a picnic quilt. My SIL quilted this for me and did such an amazing job, there is no way I'm using this outside!  This is going to be on my wall or bed this season. 
I finished Peter and Peep by Brenda Gervais and got to enjoy him for the Easter season. Once I sat down and focused some attention on him, he went pretty quick. The crocheted lace was made by my mom for my birthday. Which makes it even more special. 
I went to a retreat in April and we all made these hat pincushions. It's a pattern from Need'l Love. 
For my birthday, a friend of mine gave me this darling bird pincushion. She gave me the wire basket the year before and I just put the two together. I have sweet friends!
I pulled out the old punch needle and made a gift for a friend a few months ago. I decide to punch the same design twice so I could have one too. This is by Brenda Gervais. 
I had been recovering my cushions for my patio furniture. Not my favorite kind of sewing but I love the results. 
I still need to make slip covers for the bolster pillows. They will be out of a grey geometric. That is on my agenda today!

So my daughter still has her ballet performance next week, we are just finishing some major construction on our deck and I'm cleaning the garage and I got a job. So I guess I have the right to feel busy!!! Right?  
 I am working as a design consultant for a company called I4C.  We are doing some marketing and advertising right now and I am suppose to start a blog to show trends and forthcoming designs. So please watch for it!!!
We just finished some work for Donny Osmond Home (we redesigned their inspiration catalog for their manufacturers) and we will be meeting them at market in July!  It is an awesome job, that I love!!  What do I do?  Well, consulting with clients on designs, colors, and trends. We do customized trend presentations and swot analysis on businesses. The business owner Mike Collins, is a long time veteran in the furniture design business and is a genius with drawing and furniture design. If you have bought an outdoor set at Costco or Target recently, he probalably designed it. It was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.  
I hope I have time to sew and do the things I want to do!  One thing is for sure, that I will be doing more social media so you will be hearing from me soon!  Please follow me when I get things up and running. I will keep you informed on all the good decorating ideas coming out.
One hot trend right now is...cross stitch!! How awesome is that?  
Enjoy your sewing time friends!  


woolwoman said...

Loraine - so good to see your post today and hear all your news especially happy to hear about your exciting new position. WOW - how interesting and I will definitely enjoy reading your work blog. Your quilting is just so amazing - I absolutely love one after another - each one varied and different but equally awesome. I love Peter and Peep - I have that about 1/2 finished and seeing your inspiring finish with your mom's crocheted lace makes me wish I had persisted with it. Always delighted to hear you news - hope you find time to juggle all your handwork and your new job. Take care Mel

Robin said...

What fabulous quilts you have created along with your cross stitch piece and punch needle project. Good luck with your new job!

Robin in Virginia

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh!!! Seriously? Your new job sounds like a dream job! Soooo cooooool! Congratulations! No wonder you are feeling busy -- that's cause you are! lolol! I absolutely love your quilts. OMG. I mean really. Your color sense is just spectacular. Love your stitching too, and the other bits and bobs. It's so good to see a post from you. I will definitely be following any blog you put out for your job too! Do you do Instagram? You should!

Blu said...

The quilts look amazing and the hat pincushion is very pretty.

Melissa said...

The quilts are all lovely. I love the cushion covers you've made. You've been busy!

Congratulations on your new job, Loraine! That sounds wonderful and exciting! All the best!

Karoline said...

Congratulations on your new job, sounds perfect for you.

All your finishes are gorgeous, the quilts are stunning!

Brigitte said...

So great to see another blog post from you. And of course you are still in my reader, lol. Seeing a post from you always means seeing some great pictures. And it's like that this time, too. All these quilts, oh my gosh, I'm completely in awe. They are terrific, I love all the colours and fabrics you used for them. I'm always impressed by all these gorgeous patterns that are around. I also have lots of quilting books but I'm still struggling to find the right colour combos. But I'm still learning ...

Your new job seems to be perfect for you, it's great to read that you love it. And with the new job and your crafting and the family it's no wonder that you feel busy. It would be strange if you weren't, lol. But it seems to be a very positive kind of being busy.

Catherine said...

Lovely quilts!! I so get the busy thing and going to work ~ I went back to work this past year as well and will soon have 2/3 of my boys as teenagers when my middle guy turns thirteen in August. Crazy busy times! So good to hear from you!